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… that the time has not yet come for us to sit on our laurels.
… that we simply need to work harder to earn the blessings.
… that falling short makes us more dedicated to the things we are passionate about.
… that heartache is the weight we must lift to make us stronger in spirit.
… that in the face of stinging disappointment, there are a multitude of blessings.

Here are two:

(The third was left at home but a blessing nonetheless).


The PBA D-League supposedly applies PBA rules. However, as a spectator (and NOT the wife of a coach), I don’t see it that way. There is a level of physicality being allowed in the D-League that you just never see in the pros.

Consequently, the D-League is presented with physical and emotional outbursts which could well be avoided, if the referees simply did a better job at making the calls.

So here is the action you missed on Thursday.

Just another day at the office… *sigh*

Tulong Para Sa Rizal

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