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What awful bloggers we are! Truly, shame on us!
But anyway – too late to dwell on that.

I haven’t blogged since I gave birth so what better way to make a comeback than to make the subject of this blogpost, the newest member of the clan.

He made an appearance three days earlier than expected in the early hours of December 31st. I made sure I hired the services of Oh Happy Day Photography to chronicle his very first meeting with his three older siblings later that same day.

I’m forever grateful to Polly Fong who took these heart warming shots. (Like you, Polly is an alum of both Poveda and Ateneo). She specializes in birth photography and her style is very journalistic. She does the posed shots but mostly, she melts into the background and shoots with barely being noticed. The result is priceless, candid images.

So here it is… a little slideshow of Xabier meeting his siblings (and maternal grandparents and uncle) for the first time. Not to mention the debut of my post partum, manas (swollen) look. But I don’t care. It was a special day and since you’re like NEVER here anymore, I’m happy to share it with you and the oh… five other people who read our blog.

These pictures help me forget the awful, awful post op pain I experienced the next day when they reduced my pain meds (uuughh!) But mostly, they make me incredibly thankful for all the crazy love I have in my life.


So I recently asked a veteran mother of many (who shall remain nameless!) for tips on raising a sizable family. And here’s what she came up with almost immediately:

1. Grow up with them.
2. Scream as much as you can – won’t harm them a bit – look at my children.
3. Stay away from Dr. Spock.
4. Let them talk as much as they can – just be very sure you have the last say – most of the time they end having the last say, most specially when they get older and you get much older
5. Love them to death – this can kill you but they’ll survive.

Gotta love her!

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