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Yes it sure does.

Diapers leave sizable carbon footprints considering they are made by the planet’s smallest human inhabitants. But thankfully, it is possible to help out Mama Earth even before potty training. Check out Earth’s Best Organic Diapers – now available in the Philippines! (Manila at least… through a Multiply vendor).


They are biodegradable and made of naturally absorbent materials like corn and wheat. They’re also perfume, dye, bleach and latex free. But what I like best is the price tag. The current brand of diapers I use comes to about P7.50 each. These are just P5.73 a piece! How can you beat that? It’s the kind of win-win that mommies can’t resist!

This is one diaper change I’m happy to make 🙂 BUT I’ll have to wait till the next shipment of XL arrives.


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