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Posted on: October 30, 2012

Wild is all I can say about Sandy.  Last night was nothing like the Signal No. 3 Typhoons we’ve experienced back home.   The winds weren’t just howling, they were growling.  The night sky was perennially lit by transformer explosions around the city.  It was like a movie.  I grabbed these photos from Spider Man who documented the damage in his neighborhood.





Wind is now back to howling, thankfully.  The subways are all down.  Path train is down.   Grand Central, Penn station and Port Authority all closed.  Even Broadway shut their lights.  But as the human spirit is infinitely resilient, the east coast-ers will rise above this.







Posted on: September 5, 2012

I wanted to share with you some pictures from last weekend.  This was the best non-existent sunset ever 🙂

Panoramic view of the beaches and the beach houses.  As you could see, I was “busy” taking pictures…



…While he waited for me by the shore…still hamming it up.  What’s that in his pocket??!!

…Then he asked, and I said Yes 🙂



I had only 24 hours to take the splendor of this city in.  So let me show you what I saw.

The part of Chicago that I was in was a well planned, clean and pristine city.  A perfect balance of old and new.

In my biased opinion, in all of Chicago’s glory…it’s still not New York City! 😉



Posted on: June 1, 2012

I’ve never seen a single Bourne movie. Espionage flicks are hardly my favorite. But there’s no denying how much more fun this looks because… well, it really is more fun in the Philippines.

The top floor of The Hyatt Hotel is a revolving restaurant called the Spindletop.  It allows you to take in the views of downtown Houston while you enjoy your meal.  Here’s a sorry attempt of a frame by frame photo series.

And when I strung these pictures all together…voila!

Did I tell you that Santa gave me a new camera with panoramic functions for Christmas?  Oooh and this was what I was feasting on while spinning.

While we are used to better views, the thrill of slowly spinning high above is awesome!

Look who decides to show up after months of unwarranted silence!   No excuses here but you will understand that I’ve been adjusting to certain changes.  So in a nutshell, this is what I’ve been doing all this time.

Ice Skating in Bryant Park

Celebrating New Years Eve…


And perhaps taking it to the extreme…

Eating way too much “carne”…

And drinking way too much Malbec

Enjoying the rooftop view…

Reminiscing on childhood memories of over-sized water tanks

And kissing tigers!

As you can tell, I’ve been very busy…with nonsense, hedonistic activities :p  I’ll try to be more diligent with updates.  I do have a lot to share 🙂


I recently had time to kill before hosting an event at the Ayala Museum. Fortunately, there was a charming little exhibit to keep me entertained.

Turns out the group Ilustrador Ng Kabataan (INK) which churns out beautiful images for Filipino children’s books has turned 20 and some of the group’s best works were on display.

How inviting is this crisp, contrasting space?

I took some snaps of the works that I just liked and pieces that reminded me of something or someone.

I liked this because I’m a sucker for anything that’s mother-and-child.

Just had to take this for my Star Wars-crazy daughter.

This reminded me of when we sent the baby turtles into the ocean in Bataan when you visited last year.

Who doesn’t love a Pinoy Christmas?

A different medium:

Wooden block animals:

And my fave installation in the exhibit. I think it was called “making roads to each other”. Made me think of us… awww… Needed to take several pictures for you to see what’s going on here.

Are you touched?

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