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Posted on: October 30, 2012

Wild is all I can say about Sandy.  Last night was nothing like the Signal No. 3 Typhoons we’ve experienced back home.   The winds weren’t just howling, they were growling.  The night sky was perennially lit by transformer explosions around the city.  It was like a movie.  I grabbed these photos from Spider Man who documented the damage in his neighborhood.





Wind is now back to howling, thankfully.  The subways are all down.  Path train is down.   Grand Central, Penn station and Port Authority all closed.  Even Broadway shut their lights.  But as the human spirit is infinitely resilient, the east coast-ers will rise above this.







Posted on: September 5, 2012

I wanted to share with you some pictures from last weekend.  This was the best non-existent sunset ever 🙂

Panoramic view of the beaches and the beach houses.  As you could see, I was “busy” taking pictures…



…While he waited for me by the shore…still hamming it up.  What’s that in his pocket??!!

…Then he asked, and I said Yes 🙂



So I’m hooked on The Newsroom, Aaron Sorkin‘s new drama series about modern-day journalism.  Like the West Wing, it tells a highly idealized story of a group of crazy but intelligent and passionate people in their work environment – in this case, the newsroom.

What I like about this show is that the fictional characters deal with non-fictional news stories.  Of course, Sorkin has the benefit of hindsight enabling his characters to appear smarter but at the very least, this gives us personas to aspire to be like.  With hindsight, Sorkin’s characters have the chance to correct journalistic errors made in real-life.  While some call this cheating, I’d like to call this creative license 🙂

Last Sunday’s episode was the best for me so far.  It was set on the day Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords was shot in Arizona.  I’m not sure if this made it to your news cycle but it was heartbreaking news here.  I really want you to see this clip because I’m hoping this might reinvigorate your passion for the news and consequently, compel you to go back to giving viewers what they deserve: the truth.  This is the last 7 minutes of the show and I really love how this team, fragmented as they are, manages to band together for a greater purpose when unforeseen situations call for it. I also love how Coldplay’s Fix You weaves so smoothly with this last scene.  Check it out.

This probably doesn’t resonate with you emotionally (because you have a heart of stone) but would it surprise you if I told you that I was bawling when I saw this?  Once again, Sorkin rocks!

I had only 24 hours to take the splendor of this city in.  So let me show you what I saw.

The part of Chicago that I was in was a well planned, clean and pristine city.  A perfect balance of old and new.

In my biased opinion, in all of Chicago’s glory…it’s still not New York City! 😉


Easter Fun

Posted on: June 22, 2012

I was cleaning my room today and found our Good Housekeeping feature.  After reading the article, I felt guilty and ashamed so here I am, not necessarily back from real world hectic chaos because I’m still in a busy whirl.  Point is, I managed to find time to post.  I’ve been meaning to share with you this afternoon of pure laughter and fun that was Easter Sunday.  Insert snarky comment on late post here.  

So Christine and Kiki (another one) invites us over for Easter.  We had a wonderful feast of beef short ribs cooked by the Argentinian Chef, all kind of sides to go with it and a boatload of bubbly.  Here is some of the craziness that went on.

Welcome to the United Nations – in this picture is a colorful mix of South American, European, Asian and Middle Eastern diversity that you can probably only find in this city.

Enjoying the variety of meats that we got from our neighborhood carneceria.

Argentina vs Germany in horsing around.  Looks like Argentina is winning here.

After that decadent lunch we went up to the rooftop to take in the city’s spectacular view.

Kiki photobombing Kiki


Moments of sweetness…

And moments of silliness.

Blogging about this day makes me miss Chris 😦  Wish she were still here!


I’ll let this video explain…

The Jetsons are here!

The top floor of The Hyatt Hotel is a revolving restaurant called the Spindletop.  It allows you to take in the views of downtown Houston while you enjoy your meal.  Here’s a sorry attempt of a frame by frame photo series.

And when I strung these pictures all together…voila!

Did I tell you that Santa gave me a new camera with panoramic functions for Christmas?  Oooh and this was what I was feasting on while spinning.

While we are used to better views, the thrill of slowly spinning high above is awesome!

Tulong Para Sa Rizal

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