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We are cousins, best friends, sisters, twins living in two starkly different cities. We always have too much to say to each other so we decided to channel our energy in sharing what we see, breathe and live with the wonders of the world as our backdrop. Despite a vast ocean separating us, we remain inseparable.

Hi I came across your blog through Patty Laurel’s blog. I think I have another one blog more to waste my time. I love your blog. I will be a visitor more often. More Power.

I said “waste my time” – in reference to Patty’s blog, “come waste your time with me” he,he,

thanks, for passing by mae 🙂


Was wondering if we may use your images from Lusso for an article on Will include photo credits and a link back.

Let me know if this is okay.


hi trixie 🙂

sure you can use them.
photo credits and link back would be greatly appreciated.

would you like me to email you the full size files?

all the best,
ria (aka lala)

i love the K&L logo.

Thanks! However I wish we could call it ours. It’s part of the theme provided by WordPress. But we have been identified with this logo…

Hi Kiki & Lala,
I came across your blog through Patty’s blog post. I have spent close to an hour reading some of your posts. I’ll be spending more hours reading the other entries later (coz I’m in the office now. haha).
Your entries are so fascinating, and so entertaining. I love it!
More power to both of you, and I hope to get to meet either of you soon. 🙂

hi rowena!
thanks so much for reading us. really appreciate it.
we’ll be in the aug. issue of good housekeeping philippines 🙂
blessings and light,
ria (aka lala)

Hi K and L!
Just like all the more recent comments, i came across your blog through Patty’s blog. I spent 3 hours back reading, slept way past my bedtime and was late for work the next day. Your posts are uniquely charming, witty and fascinating. I’ll definitely come back for more. By the way, I’m half-way done with your 2010 posts, yeah I’m officially hooked.
Keep sharing your stories and may God bless you more and more!

hi nice 🙂
really appreciate you reading our blog.
it was never really intended for anyone other than us – kiki and lala – but if
you’re entertained and informed by us, that makes us bida.
and we love being bida!
now get some sleep ;p

Hello Ladies,
I have recently come across your blog thanks to an article in Good Housekeeping Philippines. As a recently moved Canadian expat living in Manila, I look forward to checking in on your blog.

Hi Corinna – welcome to Kiki and Lala Land and welcome to Manila! Hope you find both spaces an exciting place to explore. Thanks for dropping by 🙂

Hi! I’m not sure if this is the best place to contact you about this, but I’m currently co-producing a UAAP/Blue Eagles documentary that hopes to help boost our school’s fighting spirit.

As part of the documentary, we’re exploring our proud cheering tradition from various points of views: the players, Babble, fans, and even the courtside reporters. In this light, we hope you would grant us the honor of interviewing you.

We’re scheduling a shoot on Thursday August 30 somewhere in Ateneo, and I’m keeping my fingers crossed this gets to you in time, and that you’re available and willing to join us! It’ll be a very casual, kuwentong buhay-type conversation, nothing too formal! Thank you!

Hoping for the best,


Hi Elbert,

So sorry for the late reply. Unfortunately we missed the shoot 😦 Hope it went well. Are there any more upcoming events? Perhaps Lala might want to attend 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!

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