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The Power Of Kabbalah

Posted on: December 10, 2012

As I was all too happy to mention in my last post, Karen Berg is coming to town in January to talk about her latest book on reincarnation called “To Be Continued”. This is hugely exciting for us as it will be Karen’s first ever visit to the Philippines. During her event here called “Reincarnation and the Purpose of Our Lives”, she will highlight many of the teachings in her new book.

But before we even get to that, many people are asking, What IS Kabbalah?

Karen’s son Yehuda wrote a best selling book answering precisely that. It’s called


One of the students from the Manila study group wrote a great review on it and we have full permission to share it below. Hope it answers a lot of your questions.

Have you ever wondered what we’re all doing here?
The book that changed my life and introduced me to Kabbalah has some answers.

Imagine a hypothetical basketball game.

The competing teams in this fictional bout of hoops would be composed of the greatest players to have ever played the game: Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Larry Bird, Lebron James, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar etc. The stage is set in a world-class arena for possibly the single greatest game of all time. These greats have all the capabilities and necessary equipment to play, but imagine if they lacked one thing: knowledge of the rules of basketball.

What would happen then? Though they are hard-wired with immense God-given talent, they would be trying to play a game they didn’t quite fully understand in the hopes of reaching an objective they were completely unaware of! There would be no brilliantly played contest – instead, just confusion and chaos! (Sounds a bit like life, no?)

In The Power of Kabbalah, author Yehuda Berg uses such a metaphor to illustrate his message (though, he used a baseball reference instead of basketball). The book contains in detail 13 spiritual principles which, when applied to our daily lives, lead us to true happiness and fulfillment.

First published in 2001, The Power of Kabbalah is one of earlier books of the author, who is the Co-Director of the Kabbalah Centre, the world’s leading organization dedicated to the dissemination of Kabbalah.

But first, what IS Kabbalah? Many people who are familiar with the word may know it as a ‘celebrity thing’ associated with red bracelets. Kabbalah, however, has been around much longer than Madonna or Ashton Kutcher. It is a wisdom that is over 4,00 years old.

“Suppose there was a hidden wisdom the revealed and unified the spiritual and physical laws of life…predating religion, Adam and Eve, and even Creation of the world itself”. This is the very power of Kabbalah.

Kabbalah students understand that it is not a religion or a cult. Nor is it exclusively Jewish. According to the author, many great minds throughout history and the world, like Pythagoras, Plato and Sir Isaac Newton studied Kabbalah, which influenced many of their revolutionary thoughts and ideas which are still highly relevant today.

Perhaps the most striking thing about The Power Of Kabbalah is that the book comes with a disclaimer: “Don’t believe a word of what you read!” The author suggests that we apply the precepts in our lives and observe the results, almost like a scientific experiment. “Breathe the lessons, and see if the ‘air’ gets cleaner”, Yehuda Berg writes.

The Power of Kabbalah is an easy read yet contains many deep concepts and life changing ideas. It also contains a lot of practical advice for daily life. And even though the subject may be quite serious, the author presents it in a lighthearted manner, which makes it all very enjoyable. More important however, are the ideas and lessons you’ll be receiving. Try them out and objectively assess the results in your life, as the author suggests.

This book is a good way to begin acquainting oneself with Kabbalah. But there’s also material for those who already possess some knowledge of Kabbalistic teachings. You may find yourself rereading the book a few more times to really grasp these concepts. The ideas presented in this book are sort of like the fundamentals of living life. As with any endeavor, the basics are of utmost importance. And The Power Of Kabbalah is a potent entry point for one’s spiritual journey towards growth and fulfillment.

If you’d like to attend Reincarnation and the Purpose of Our Lives with Karen Berg on Jan. 16th, 2013 at the SMX Convention Center, please register here ASAP as slots do fill up quickly.

And if you’d like to purchase a copy of The Power Of Kabbalah, please order here.


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