Kiki & Lala


Posted on: September 5, 2012

I wanted to share with you some pictures from last weekend.  This was the best non-existent sunset ever 🙂

Panoramic view of the beaches and the beach houses.  As you could see, I was “busy” taking pictures…



…While he waited for me by the shore…still hamming it up.  What’s that in his pocket??!!

…Then he asked, and I said Yes 🙂




11 Responses to "Yes!"

Awww…it couldn’t fit even your pinky? You look so happy and blooming! 🙂

It fit my pinky but was very loose. I was afraid I’d lose it. Thanks MSA!

whooohoooo! and your photography skills are improving!
so exited! wheeeee!

congratulations pam! so happy for you! i want to meet him! (like a lola) haha!

Thanks Lola Candy! Congratulations too 🙂 Hopefully I can bring him home soon (like a dog) haha!

Can you design my wedding? 😀

sniff sniff sniff!

Who was there to take that picture?

No one. We just set that camera.

Wait, I thought I was Kiki? And wtf is Lala?

You’re the other Kiki. Who-tf is lala? Lala is Ria 🙂

Awaiting moderation = c’mon PAMPAM

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