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It’s no secret that my boy has become a basketball nut. Here is further proof that it’s pretty much what he has on his mind all day long.

He comes to me with a pack of “Choco-Knots” to be opened.

Mikel: Mom – can you open please?
Lala: OK but can you put that water bottle back in the ref?
Mikel: The referee??


As you know, we’re in the thick of UAAP season here and my kids have been willingly dragged into all the hoopla surrounding college ball. They’ve watched games at the UAAP’s newest home at the Mall Of Asia Area.

The Arena is rife with ads and billboards and as we were walking from the ladies’ room to the actual arena, we had this conversation.

Rocio: (Points to two celebs on a billboard with numerous artistas telling us to subscribe to a particular cellular network). I don’t like that girl. She thinks she’s so great. But the other girl is OK. I like her.
Lala: Oh really? And you can say this because you know them both personally?
Rocio: Not personally… celebrity.

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