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I’ll Try To Fix You

Posted on: July 18, 2012

So I’m hooked on The Newsroom, Aaron Sorkin‘s new drama series about modern-day journalism.  Like the West Wing, it tells a highly idealized story of a group of crazy but intelligent and passionate people in their work environment – in this case, the newsroom.

What I like about this show is that the fictional characters deal with non-fictional news stories.  Of course, Sorkin has the benefit of hindsight enabling his characters to appear smarter but at the very least, this gives us personas to aspire to be like.  With hindsight, Sorkin’s characters have the chance to correct journalistic errors made in real-life.  While some call this cheating, I’d like to call this creative license 🙂

Last Sunday’s episode was the best for me so far.  It was set on the day Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords was shot in Arizona.  I’m not sure if this made it to your news cycle but it was heartbreaking news here.  I really want you to see this clip because I’m hoping this might reinvigorate your passion for the news and consequently, compel you to go back to giving viewers what they deserve: the truth.  This is the last 7 minutes of the show and I really love how this team, fragmented as they are, manages to band together for a greater purpose when unforeseen situations call for it. I also love how Coldplay’s Fix You weaves so smoothly with this last scene.  Check it out.

This probably doesn’t resonate with you emotionally (because you have a heart of stone) but would it surprise you if I told you that I was bawling when I saw this?  Once again, Sorkin rocks!


6 Responses to "I’ll Try To Fix You"

ok… i don’t know what there was to bawl about…
YES there is MUCH creative license here.
i haven’t spent that much time in the newsroom.
when i was doing the news i was in the STUDIO more often than not
but it’s just not quite that dramatic.
and this being the philippines where people are supposedly polite,
there are no dramatic outbursts – or thoughtful “yeah we did it!” looks at co-workers.
and certainly no coldplay for scoring.

having said that though – i super enjoyed the clip 😉
hahaha! thanks for posting!

if i may butt in, i actually find sorkin’s work a bit contrived (don’t kill me, kiki!). as in west wing, news room (for me) is full of conversations that are really so unrealistic and yes, contrived…. (don’t kill me, kiki!)

Won’t kill you but I must chime in. I’ve followed Sorkin since A Few Good Men and American President so in his defense I must say: Contrived and unrealistic to you, idealistic to me. At the very least, it’s something to aspire for. All Sorkin’s shows – sports night, west wing, sunset strip, newsroom – are his playground to create characters with big personalities, big dreams and big egos. It’s a reflection of his worldview. He’s a fictional writer who writes about non-fictional situations where as a writer, he can give us a glimpse of that worldview. If other writers can do it, why shouldn’t he?

that’s true, kiki. i mean i LOVE the integrity that newsroom puts out and almost challenges the current news rooms. i dunno why the way they talk make me cringe. but of course the liberal in me loves it too. so i guess, in the end, i’m buang.

Haha, yeah the way they talk is really annoying. I sometimes feel like they are trying to be like stage actors because they are just so OA. But again I think it has something to do with his extreme idealism. All his characters are so extreme to the point of being crazy which I love. And since you and I are self-confessed bidas and buangs, this should resonate well with us 🙂

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