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So I’m hooked on The Newsroom, Aaron Sorkin‘s new drama series about modern-day journalism.  Like the West Wing, it tells a highly idealized story of a group of crazy but intelligent and passionate people in their work environment – in this case, the newsroom.

What I like about this show is that the fictional characters deal with non-fictional news stories.  Of course, Sorkin has the benefit of hindsight enabling his characters to appear smarter but at the very least, this gives us personas to aspire to be like.  With hindsight, Sorkin’s characters have the chance to correct journalistic errors made in real-life.  While some call this cheating, I’d like to call this creative license 🙂

Last Sunday’s episode was the best for me so far.  It was set on the day Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords was shot in Arizona.  I’m not sure if this made it to your news cycle but it was heartbreaking news here.  I really want you to see this clip because I’m hoping this might reinvigorate your passion for the news and consequently, compel you to go back to giving viewers what they deserve: the truth.  This is the last 7 minutes of the show and I really love how this team, fragmented as they are, manages to band together for a greater purpose when unforeseen situations call for it. I also love how Coldplay’s Fix You weaves so smoothly with this last scene.  Check it out.

This probably doesn’t resonate with you emotionally (because you have a heart of stone) but would it surprise you if I told you that I was bawling when I saw this?  Once again, Sorkin rocks!


So we were in HK last week for some R and R and brought along the two older kids. It was Mikel’s second time there though in many ways it was his first – his first with a more mature consciousness. Last time, he was two and a half so it didn’t count too much.

If you recall, he failed my “travel test” two years ago with his getting frightened by ordinary street noises and tantrums. Thankfully, this time at age four, he passed with flying colors. We can take him just about anywhere! He hardly complained. If he was tired he would give a whiney little, “Can we go back to the holltell??” – and that was it. Amazing! What a difference two years can make.

The cutest thing in Disneyland was when he started to get scared as we boarded the boat for It’s A Small World. He was clinging to me like a little country mouse.
Mikel: Mom… Can you pottect me?
Lala: Protect you? From what? We’re in It’s A Small World!
Mikel: From the cocodile…!

Where did all the “R”s go?

Then this super sweet conversation a few nights later. We had come from dinner and were all tired except my super shopper husband who wanted to roam around Tsim Sha Tsui till the stores closed. So I said I was going to take the kids up to the “holltell” so we could all rest. But of course, Mikel didn’t want to part ways from his dad so Luigi told him, “You need to take a bath and rest. You also need to protect Mommy, OK?”. And somehow after that we were on our way back to our hotel but I soon realized Mikel was still a bit upset and confused.

Mikel: Why Pappy wants to go shopping still?
Lala: Never mind. Let him be OK. Besides, if you stay with him, you’ll just get tired.
Mikel: But… But… Who I pottect you from??


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