Kiki & Lala

A Provincial Sojourn

Posted on: May 31, 2012

You missed another annual picnic. But what’s new…?

Actually, a lot is new at the family farm. We have more goats than ever!
And though you can’t tell from the pictures, they’ve been moved to the other
side of the property.

Breast milk is best - for all creatures.

Meet "Saddam"... so called because he is not a very nice goat.

Someone tried to climb the bamboo fencing to get closer to the goats.

We also have more shelter… sort of…

We had the usual carabao rides. Always fun.

But the highlight of the day was archery!


We had a crazy, sumptuous meal

(Sorry – I forgot to shoot the fabulous food. Just think mega barbeque and amazing veggies).

… followed by s’mores making – yaay!

And yes – that IS a fish head right by the marshmallows hahahaha!

The day would have been perfect except that we had some serious car trouble before we could even leave.

And while waiting for the problem to be fixed, we got rained on. Our little bahay kubo needs some re-roofing to say the least.

Hot wiring didn’t work so we had to leave the car there!
But who’s complaining? There was enough room in the other vehicles and had we not encountered all that trouble, we would never have caught this lovely sun shower.


2 Responses to "A Provincial Sojourn"

Looked like so much fun 😦 Where did you find archery equipment? Saddam looks like a Saddam. Haha!

didn’t you know? … e. murio now MAKES bows and arrows!!! hahahah 😀

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