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As you know, my not-so-little girl now knows about the birds and the bees. I kept it as simple as possible but I recently realized I was still using baby words to describe bodily parts.

Rocio is quite the Instagram fanatic. Two days ago, she “liked” a picture her older cousin had posted. It was a doodle of a stick figure man pointing at a penis (not his own) and the word “penis” itself floating somewhere on the page.

Lala: Rocio, why did you like this?
Rocio: I thought it was cute…
Lala: Do you know what it is?
Rocio: It’s a man pointing at a key or something…
Lala: There’s a word here… can you read it?
Rocio: (peers over to iPhone)… peen…uhs…?
Lala: Right! Do you know what a penis is?
Rocio: No.
Lala: It’s the scientific word for a guys’ birdie, OK? You need to know that.
Rocio: OK
Lala: And the scientific name for a girl’s poochie is “vagina”, OK?
Rocio: Mmhhhmm…
Lala: OK, so what’s the scientific name for a guy’s birdie?
Rocio: Penis?
Lala: Good! And what’s the scientific name for a girl’s poochie?
Rocio: (pauses and thinks) Uhm… I forgot… a puh-jankha?

I was laugh-crying my eyes out!!!


I’ll let this video explain…

The Jetsons are here!

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