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Why Waldorf

Posted on: March 21, 2012

The fact is, it’s not easy being a Waldorf parent. While you may not have to deal with the never ending stream of homework and tests, you have worry of a different sort.

There is the seemingly impossible balance to strike between keeping them kids in this too fast-changing world without keeping them too naive, making things as healthy and natural as possible while maintaining a certain level of convenience (for lack of a better word… I don’t even know what word I’m looking for!)

My kids are loving it at Waldorf at the moment and I am ever so thankful for that. But no doubt, I am often beset by nagging worries and questions. “Am I stunting their intellectual development? How will they stack up against other kids from traditional schools? Why isn’t she reading like a fiend the way I was at her age? Don’t they need a little more pressure?”

As much as I despise cookie cutter schools, they ARE still the norm around here. And Steiner Education in the country is still in its infancy. I’d like to see a bigger sample of graduates and see how they fare in “the real world” – whatever the heck that means!

So in the midst of thinking and over-thinking the education I’ve chosen for my kids, it’s comforting to come across a video like this where teachers and graduates (one from Harvard – yaaay!) talk quite passionately about being in a Waldorf school. Let me know what you think, Kiki.


7 Responses to "Why Waldorf"

Mita Norms called me just to tell me to read this entry. Thanks, Lala! Very helpful.

awww… mita’s the sweetest 🙂 was nice “studying” with your hubby on sunday!

She is! And she also volunteered your services for Murio’s PR needs, so I’ll be calling you next week.

You shouldn’t be worried. We all want to raise children that are stimulated, uninhibited and eager to create. From this video, I can see that Waldorf creates that environment that does not stifle any form of thought or action. I like what the bald guy said: “never overwhelmed, always stretched”. So instead of coming home to stressed out overwhelmed kids, you come home to “strechted” out motivated kids (hahahaha!)

I also wouldn’t waste time wondering why Rocio isn’t as voracious a reader as you were when you were her age. Reading is one way of stretching your mind. Its like an exploration trip for your mind. But that’s not the only way. Perhaps Rocio will find more interest in stretching her mind through music or dance or probing about the birds and the bees (hahahaha). My point is if Rocio doesn’t want to “stretch” her mind that way then perhaps there are other ways. I’m not telling you to stop monitoring her progress in learning how to read, she must learn to read but you shouldn’t force her to read the way you did. Besides, you were a nerdy kid, she isn’t.

Hi! I subscribe to your blog and when I read this entry, I just had to read up some more. I am familiar of Waldorf but have not really read up a lot on it. And when I did, I realized that their education system here in Norway is a bit similar to that of Waldorf´s. Moving from the Philippines where mothers would go to great lengths for their kids to do well in school, it was a shock how relaxed everything here was. They do not seem to be in a hurry in teaching children. There is a lot of free time and a lot allotted for arts and crafts. And yet, they produce these smart, cultured, well-rounded individuals. I can say for ex that my husband is more intelligent than I am and a lot more knowledgeable with a lot of things. I am quite perplexed as to when all these things happen because they seem to be doing the right thing.

And to make you feel better, the Prime Minister of Norway went to a Waldorf school 🙂

wow – thanks for sharing that with us.
amazing about the prime minister! will google him!

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