Kiki & Lala

Mikel-isms 18

Posted on: February 15, 2012

You may have heard these before but anyway…

Someone around here is getting wise. The fact that his sister got an iPod Touch for Christmas was not lost on him and in his own quiet way, he is determined to NOT be left behind. So recently, we were in the playroom and he drags a (pink!) stool to the middle of the room.

Mikel: Watts, Mom… Watts…
Lala: Oh… What are you going to do?
Mikel: (climbs on top of stool and stands proudly) See?
Lala: Oh my goodness! Look at you. You’re so tall! You’re so big!
Mikel: I so beeg orready, I can get a iPhone!

The other day, we were waiting for the DVD of Real Steal to cue so he was all giddy and excited and apparently in the mood to sing his own praises.

Mikel: You know Nana and Lolo? Theys like me. They say, Mikel you’re so cute and I say, Oh I’m so cute! Like dat… Theys like me…

And last but not least, yesterday he bounds into my room with his hand painted card and greets me a


1 Response to "Mikel-isms 18"

^-^ so, can he have an iphone/ipod now?

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