Kiki & Lala

Rocio-isms 25

Posted on: January 24, 2012

There are moments in every parent’s life when their child thinks quicker than them. Those moments are become more frequent around here.

Rocio: Mom, when I have kids I’m going to name them all after Star Wars characters.
Lala: Seriously?
Rocio: Yeah! So I’ll have a Luke and a Leia…
Lala: You can’t do that!
Rocio: Why not?
Lala: Because it’s better to give them Christian or spiritual names. Although Leia is OK because there was a Leah in the Bible.
Rocio: Yeah but there was a Luke who wrote one of the gospels! O?
Lala (thought bubble): Omigad, she’s right! Damn… gotta be quicker!


2 Responses to "Rocio-isms 25"

Shame on you mommy! Aba, may pa O O pa siya – what a character. Kids nowadays are too smart.

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