Kiki & Lala

Rocio-isms 24

Posted on: January 8, 2012

Rocio and I were looking for a new store at the mall but we couldn’t seem to locate it so I told her we should just come back another time to check it out. But she wasn’t so ready to give up.

Rocio: Let’s ask the janitors over there!
Lala: They’re NOT going to know…
(She breaks away from me and asks them anyway. Returns with directions)
Lala: They KNOW?
Rocio: Yes… I told you! They’re not as stupid as in National (Bookstore)!

Attention customer service! Eight year olds can tell.


1 Response to "Rocio-isms 24"

Rocio the evangelist! This not-so little one is so smart.

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