Kiki & Lala

Mikel-isms 17

Posted on: January 8, 2012

I needed to pick up some things at the drug store on Friday. Since he had no school, I decided to bring Mikel with me. After all, he is very well behaved when he doesn’t have to compete with his sisters for attention. While I was waiting to pay – along with about six other people – Mikel was running around the store. He comes up to me looking all proud, holding up a bright pink pack of panty shields and announces rather loudly, “Diba Mommy, you have like this? Diba?”

Translation for international readers: “You have these, right, Mommy? Right?”


2 Responses to "Mikel-isms 17"

haha dami kong tawa .. it would make me blush … thats why i love kids.. they will always say/do unexpected things

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