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I Miss Lolo!

Posted on: January 8, 2012

I’m hoping you haven’t come across this yet. Apparently, we’re celebrating a century of Coca Cola in the Philippines and part of this milestone is the video below. It stars a 100 year old gentleman who shares his wisdom on life, love and happiness.

Get the tissue ready. This will make you miss our recently departed dear Lolo.

OK, so Lolo wasn’t exactly like the one in the video but I think he had the same kind of tireless spirit and dedication to family. I miss his quiet, smiley, comforting presence.


1 Response to "I Miss Lolo!"

You’re right, lolo had a tireless spirit and was ever present. He never missed a family event or a Sunday lunch. Our Sunday lunches are changing so rapidly, I’m getting a bit panicky 😦

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