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More Fun in the Philippines

Posted on: January 6, 2012

I stumbled upon this new campaign for our beloved motherland. I like it!

The difference between this campaign and its lousy immediate predecessors is that this campaign is experiential.  Its selling an experience, a user experience – if I may borrow from the tech world for a bit (wink, wink).  It appeals to the human propensity to look for  fun.   Who doesn’t want to have fun?  And for those who do,  you can find it in the Philippines!

The DOT even created a website for this campaign.    Due to the lack of budget, they are relying on social media and the blogging community to spread the word.  So Ms. 20,000 followers, how about helping the DOT and tweeting about this?  #1forfun.




4 Responses to "More Fun in the Philippines"

hey, i didn’t get to see these posters. love ’em!
i think it’s classier than “wow philippines” which was more fiesta that sophisticated (though i loved the music of that campaign).

so let’s be up to challenge and use our social media prowess (?) to show people why it’s REALLY more fun in the PHILIPPINES!

Lala, you’ve got 20,000 followers on twitter?

hahaha of course not!
kiki is exaggerating.
but i’ll let you know when i do ;p

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