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I recently had time to kill before hosting an event at the Ayala Museum. Fortunately, there was a charming little exhibit to keep me entertained.

Turns out the group Ilustrador Ng Kabataan (INK) which churns out beautiful images for Filipino children’s books has turned 20 and some of the group’s best works were on display.

How inviting is this crisp, contrasting space?

I took some snaps of the works that I just liked and pieces that reminded me of something or someone.

I liked this because I’m a sucker for anything that’s mother-and-child.

Just had to take this for my Star Wars-crazy daughter.

This reminded me of when we sent the baby turtles into the ocean in Bataan when you visited last year.

Who doesn’t love a Pinoy Christmas?

A different medium:

Wooden block animals:

And my fave installation in the exhibit. I think it was called “making roads to each other”. Made me think of us… awww… Needed to take several pictures for you to see what’s going on here.

Are you touched?


There are moments in every parent’s life when their child thinks quicker than them. Those moments are become more frequent around here.

Rocio: Mom, when I have kids I’m going to name them all after Star Wars characters.
Lala: Seriously?
Rocio: Yeah! So I’ll have a Luke and a Leia…
Lala: You can’t do that!
Rocio: Why not?
Lala: Because it’s better to give them Christian or spiritual names. Although Leia is OK because there was a Leah in the Bible.
Rocio: Yeah but there was a Luke who wrote one of the gospels! O?
Lala (thought bubble): Omigad, she’s right! Damn… gotta be quicker!

Have you come across this? It’s a parody of, well, sh*t people say – New Yorkers specifically. Funny!

This series started with the video below produced by 2 insanely funny and creative people. Check it out.

This obvioulsy went viral and gave birth to all kinds of modifications – kinda like the Its More Fun in the Philippines campaign.   We should come up with one for our family!  Just saying…

I’m hoping you haven’t come across this yet. Apparently, we’re celebrating a century of Coca Cola in the Philippines and part of this milestone is the video below. It stars a 100 year old gentleman who shares his wisdom on life, love and happiness.

Get the tissue ready. This will make you miss our recently departed dear Lolo.

OK, so Lolo wasn’t exactly like the one in the video but I think he had the same kind of tireless spirit and dedication to family. I miss his quiet, smiley, comforting presence.

Rocio and I were looking for a new store at the mall but we couldn’t seem to locate it so I told her we should just come back another time to check it out. But she wasn’t so ready to give up.

Rocio: Let’s ask the janitors over there!
Lala: They’re NOT going to know…
(She breaks away from me and asks them anyway. Returns with directions)
Lala: They KNOW?
Rocio: Yes… I told you! They’re not as stupid as in National (Bookstore)!

Attention customer service! Eight year olds can tell.

I needed to pick up some things at the drug store on Friday. Since he had no school, I decided to bring Mikel with me. After all, he is very well behaved when he doesn’t have to compete with his sisters for attention. While I was waiting to pay – along with about six other people – Mikel was running around the store. He comes up to me looking all proud, holding up a bright pink pack of panty shields and announces rather loudly, “Diba Mommy, you have like this? Diba?”

Translation for international readers: “You have these, right, Mommy? Right?”

I stumbled upon this new campaign for our beloved motherland. I like it!

The difference between this campaign and its lousy immediate predecessors is that this campaign is experiential.  Its selling an experience, a user experience – if I may borrow from the tech world for a bit (wink, wink).  It appeals to the human propensity to look for  fun.   Who doesn’t want to have fun?  And for those who do,  you can find it in the Philippines!

The DOT even created a website for this campaign.    Due to the lack of budget, they are relying on social media and the blogging community to spread the word.  So Ms. 20,000 followers, how about helping the DOT and tweeting about this?  #1forfun.



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