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Guess what I saw parked in Central Park?  Electric cars!  Actually they are hybrid electric cars but who cares, this is still awesome.

The park is equipped with recharging stations.

 The cars appeared to belong to NYC parks and recreation as these cars are stamped with their logo.

Mr. Agassi’s vision is finally coming to fruition.  Cool no?


Last year I was fortunate enough to watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade upclose.   This year, I got to watch the balloons being inflated and made ready for the following day’s festivities.   I found out that the balloon inflation was done literally next door to me so I walked over to see what the fuss was all about.   Apparently it was worth the fuss.  Check it out.

Again, please pardon the grainy photos.  I still don’t have a camera so these photos came out of my Blackberry (that must also be replaced).  However, I have a feeling Santa Clause will gift me with a camera this Christmas.  After all, I’ve been a good girl…but I digress!

Here is Kool Aid inflated and ready to go…

 …This is the backside of the Aflac Duck.  He’s a popular mascot for the insurance company Aflac.

Here is a popular cat who’s name escapes me.  I’ll just call him creepy cat.  As you can see, he is lying on his side and restrained by net so he doesn’t fly up up and away!

This next one, your son will love or fear…Buzz Lightyear!   I know he is hard to make out because he is faced down, lying on his belly.   Poor buzz 😦


What’s a thanksgiving event without a pumpkin?

Poor Hello Kitty is forced to lie on her belly all night.

Then there was Spidey!

I tried to take a shot of Ronald Mcdonald but only managed to take a shot of his boot.

I had a great time, I felt like a child again driving passed the Anson’s building to watch the Christmas figures.  Remember that?  This was a wonderful way to kick off the holiday.  Since I moved here, this was the first time I felt Christmas this early.   It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

In the middle of tall skyscrapers, historic buildings and the usual New York hustle and bustle lies Bryant Park.   I was there on Sunday for a special reason.

Ice skating! Cue funky techno music reminiscent of Mega Mall ice skating.

There is a glass cafe if you just want to watch skaters zoom around while enjoying a cup of coffee.

Or you can visit the “tiangge” only here until January 8.

Or you can just marvel at the high rise buidlings that envelope the park.

So is this incentive enough for you and your kids to come for Christmas?

My office window overlooks a rooftop playground.   To break the monotony of work, I like to watch the kids play on the playground.   The other day, the playground was gone!  No swings, no slides, no kids.  In it’s place was this.

It took me a while to figure out that they were filming a movie….a Batman movie!

I figured it out when a familiar figure walked into the set….director, Christopher Nolan!

So I was giddily waiting and desperately hoping that Christian Bale would walk into the set.  Fat chance.  😦

Instead I was treated to Joseph Gordon-Levitt dressed as a cop.  Swooooon!  Here he is getting directions from Direk Chris.

And he slowly turns my way.  C’mon…don’t be shy.

That’s it…now look up to your right and wave back at me.

Workin it baby!

Gotcha!  As you can see, he didn’t seem too pleased with me taking a money shot of him.

And just like that, he turned away.


Such an awesome New York moment.   This city never gets old.  Love it!

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