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Faker Baker: Sour Cream Coffee Cake

Posted on: October 27, 2011

My sour cream was about to expire and I had all the other ingredients on stock so I thought I’d bake this easy to make cake. I love making this because it makes my kitchen smell like autumn spice.  I really don’t know what autumn spice is supposed to smell like but in my Asian-bred mind, it smells cinnamon and nutty.  And that’s exactly what this cake is all about: cinammon, chopped walnuts, light brown sugar and a sprinkle of chocolate chips.    Because what’s a cake without a hint of chocolate right?

My cake fresh out of the oven.

And on the cake board.  (Sorry for the blurred pic, my camera was finally laid to rest so I’m using my Blackberry)

I saved a slice for you…look at the cinnamon and chocolate filling swirl through the cake. The cake actually came out lighter and a bit fluffy because I used eggs, butter and sour cream at room temperature.  You like?

Oh and that’s my kitchen in the background, in case you were curious.

This recipe was adapted from Nick Malgieri’s The Modern Baker.


4 Responses to "Faker Baker: Sour Cream Coffee Cake"

bb pics suck! get an iphone!
cake looks yummeh!

hey faker baker, your stuff look really good! and i can feel your passion coming through my computer screen. perhaps it’s your true calling? p.s. i kinda like the name faker baker over by me… just a thought…

Thanks kwee! I’m really enjoying this baking thing and as you know with me, it becomes an obsession. Creepy!

So faker baker over by me? Actually, the original faker baker is Lala 🙂 Maybe I can borrow the name from her.

well i do have a thing for rhyming brand names…

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