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Dear Zachary

Posted on: September 12, 2011

This is not like the heartwarming Dear Sophie and My Dear Stella posts this blog is used to seeing.  This is a true, gut wrenching story, “a letter to a son about his father”.   Watch this trailer and then if you can, watch the documentary.  As a mother and as the daughter of your kids’ unconditionally loving grandparents, you will probably be as disturbed as I am.

This trailer does not even capture the drama and the tragedy of the true and very real story of Dear Zachary.   As you will see in the Dear Zachary website, Canada has finally passed the Zachary Bill which Andrew Bagby’s parents lobbied for with all their heart, energy and resources.  From this horrible story, 2 activists were born.

I warn you, it’s exhausting to watch but it is a must see if only to witness the resilience of Mr. and Mrs. Bagby.


2 Responses to "Dear Zachary"

is the docu on you tube?

It probably is but cut into several parts. Check it out.

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