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One Day In Incheon

Posted on: September 1, 2011

I had a few hours to spare during my layover in Seoul, Korea so I thought I’d explore Incheon International Airport.   I really didn’t mind because I wanted to check out the Korean cosmetics I always hear great things about.    As me and shopping go like oil and water, this little adventure turned out to be quite stressful with all the  products to rummage through. True to my non-shopper nature, I just asked the sales lady to give me products she recommends.  This is what she suggested.

For make up base/foundation:  MISSHA Signature Wrinkle Filler BB Cream SPF 37 # 21

It’s not only  foundation, it is also a wrinkle filler, UV blocker and whitening cream (I know, I can’t possibly want to be any whiter).  The liquid content comes out in two colors – white and a light mocha shade.  You just mix it on the back of your hand before applying.   I’ve been using it lately as a make up base and I noticed a bit of a glow in my skin.  I think it’s because my skin tone is even-ing out (Read: evenly white).  So I’m quite happy with this.  It’s affordable too.  The 44 ml bottle came out to something like $20 – $25 USD.  Of course , these were duty free prices.  I’m sure this costs a bit more elsewhere.

I also found a new everyday colonia.  Given our obsession with colonia, I just had to get a bottle of this.

Etude House Mini Me Perfume – Ms Cutie (me!) is part of the Mini Me perfume family.

I know it looks cheesy but doesn’t it remind you of Baby Gal?  I didn’t care for the other scents so I just bought the Ms. Cutie.  It ‘s a subtler version of L’Occitane‘s Verbena Eau de Toilette.  I use it as my everyday cologne now.

I also got some Korean Chocolates.

I got dark chocolate filled with rice wine cream (was yummy) and seaweed cream (blech! lansa!).   So my fear of flying Korean Air actually turned out to be unfounded because the airline service was very good, and the airport kept me from going insane waiting for my flight back to NYC.


2 Responses to "One Day In Incheon"

oooh we have etude house here! always wondered about their colognes 😀 will try that one!

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