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Rocio-isms 21

Posted on: August 5, 2011

Rocio likes to come with me to work. If the topic of my show is of no interest to her, she’s running around ABS-CBN – sometimes misbehaving and always talking to someone. The conversation that follows is not one I heard first hand but was told to me by our resident weather girl who was in the makeup room when it took

Senior Anchor: Oh Rocio, I think I should introduce you to my son. He’s about your age and he’s like you – really lively and talkative. I think you’d get along.
Rocio: Uhhmmm… Well, I’m not really into boys.

photo credit: Getty Images


5 Responses to "Rocio-isms 21"

Ha ha. You should have had a contract ready. Sign it and show it to her in about a decade!

yes! that’s what my dad always says!

for now…. -kwee

tell me about it!!

we’ll be talking about our karma in due time…

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