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I know. I know. I’ve been a delinquent contributor to this blog lately.  I am almost settled and I promise to update you with new adventures in this city I now can call home 🙂

So this weekend was all about Hurricane Irene whose bark was louder than her bite because she quickly transformed into a tropical storm.  She was powerful nonetheless, knocking trees and power lines down.  While the city was pretty much spared from her wrath, the burbs did not escape the floods and harsh winds.  Just to give you an idea, check out this video.

I know, its nothing you haven’t seen before but for a city that almost never sees a Hurricane, this was pretty scary.

And then you have those who didn’t seem intimidated by Irene’s warning showers.  How very pinoy no?

And how was your stormy weekend?


You missed a lovely little baptism that I almost forgot to blog about. The honoree was this little lady who was all of ten years in the making.

It was a mini reunion with old friends…

Yes, thank you. I know we look fab.

The venue was Sala Bistro – a champagne brunch affair. Check out the scrumptious menu…

Now the funny thing is, I completely forgot to take pictures of the glorious food because it took quite a while to get served. (The joke of the hour was that the food would likely come on our honoree’s 2nd birthday). Our good humor served us well though because when the chow did arrive, it did not disappoint. I had the Eggs Benedict and Ricotta Pancakes, in case you were wondering.

But I think the nicest touch was the souvenirs lovingly made by hand by new mommy LittleTwinPopSis.

It was after praying to St. Therese that she got her miracle.

Pretty, no?

Hey Kiki,

This one is sure to make you laugh as soon as you get back to your new digs in The City.

According to Yaya, Mikel was talking to his privates while she was giving him a bath.

Mikel: You Birdie ha! Why you so small? I want big!

Lord, help us.

I can’t remember where I first saw this baby bath tub but I was reminded about it when I was reading My Mom Friday’s blog.

Basically, it’s a clear plastic bucket where you bath your infant up until she’s a toddler. But it’s not a balde, ok. The size and shape are perfect for baby. Since it’s narrower than the average bucket, her feet can go up against the tubs walls, making it feel womb-like. She won’t be flailing about in what can feel like a vast ocean to some babies. The bottom is skid proof. And even when tilted to (I think!) about 45 degrees, it won’t tip over and the plastic material it’s made of is toxin free. At least these were the selling points I saw in a video.

But watch this and tell me if it makes you feel like you want to make Raqi your infant bathing guinea pig.

LittleTwinHub: Hon, you know my pants where you said my butt looks nice? I can’t find them…
Rocio: What?? Where your butt looks nice?? Why would my mother ever say THAT??

Rocio likes to come with me to work. If the topic of my show is of no interest to her, she’s running around ABS-CBN – sometimes misbehaving and always talking to someone. The conversation that follows is not one I heard first hand but was told to me by our resident weather girl who was in the makeup room when it took

Senior Anchor: Oh Rocio, I think I should introduce you to my son. He’s about your age and he’s like you – really lively and talkative. I think you’d get along.
Rocio: Uhhmmm… Well, I’m not really into boys.

photo credit: Getty Images

I don’t often talk about spirituality – at least not my path specifically and not in this blog. It’s a topic that I reserve for when Kiki and I communicate privately. But maybe the time has come to put it out there – a bit.

Some of you may know that I study Kabbalah. Yes – that of Madonna and Demi, of iconic red strings and “mysticism”. Whatever your perception of Kabbalah, I hope the following sets a few things straight so you at least get a clearer picture of what it’s really about. You know, from someone on the inside… ;p

Kabbalah is a spiritual teaching, spiritual information, spiritual tools – all of which can be learned and applied no matter what faith you were raised in. I was and am Catholic. Perhaps not the most devout one in my pew but I’m in mass every Sunday, all my children have been baptized and my eldest will soon be preparing to receive Holy Communion.

Back to Kabbalah in a teeny tiny nutshell.

Kabbalistic wisdom simply contains all the secrets of the universe!
(So I thank you for understanding that a comprehensive description is beyond the scope of this humble post).

Basically, Kabbalistic principles teach the laws of cause and effect in the spiritual realm. So if I act selfishly, I create a negative energy which will come back to me as “bad luck” at some point in my life – maybe 5 minutes, maybe 5 years. It teaches us that only through sharing and overcoming self interest, do we find lasting fulfillment. It also imparts that your spiritual muscle is like a physical muscle. You need to give it a constant work out or challenge to see any results.

OK, OK, I know… That’s not exactly earth shattering stuff. You’ve heard this before somewhere.

So what makes Kabbalah different?
What drew me to to this wisdom that is thousands of years old and why do I continue to study it?

First, the tools work. They just do.
(Ask any student how simple yet life altering they are).

Second, having a teacher.

Spiritual paths are never meant to be walked alone. Alone, there are things you would never see or realize on your own. A teacher – someone who truly uses Kabbalistic tools, lives by the wisdom and has no agenda aside from helping your soul fulfill its purpose – is the person you want to have with you on this long trek. She won’t always tell you what you want to hear. She won’t mince words when you are wrong. She’ll push you to do uncomfortable things. But she will help you grow, if you have the desire to do so.

People have asked, But isn’t that like having a life coach… or seeing a shrink?
I don’t know! I’ve never had a life coach or seen a shrink! Hahahaha 😀

Others have said, That sounds nice but my life’s just fine the way it is.
Uh… OK. Good for you!


If you feel like something’s missing, that there must be more to life…
If you’re trying to understand why situations and relationships are they way they are…
If you’re seeing too much randomness…
If you wonder why things never change and patterns keep repeating…
You can find the answers.

Fortunately, with great thanks to the internet and a some very determined souls, Kabbalah is available in the Philippines! In fact, Kabbalah Philippines will soon be opening another beginners’ course called the Living Kabbalah System Level 1 (LKS1) starting August 18th. The course will run for eight consecutive Thursday nights from 7pm- 830pm in Ortigas, Pasig.

The course materials (above) which include 23 audio CDs, a workbook and red string + 8 classes + 1 on 1 consultations with a teacher = P9,500.

Alternatively, the cheaper option is to download the 23 audio files and a soft copy of the workbook. Downloads + 8 classes + 1 on 1 consultations with a teacher = P7,200.

You can email or text/call 0920.902.9008 to book a slot in the class.

Remember, to have have something you’ve never had before, you need to do something you’ve never done before.
Shall we walk?

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