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Theo & Philo

Posted on: July 29, 2011

I’m always talking about how the Philippines should have better finished chocolate products seeing as how we’re in the bean belt of the world. Why should we export our precious produce and have it sold back to us for so much more as a finished product. We should be able to add that value ourselves. Well, the good news is there are people trying to improve locally made chocolate.

I found Theo & Philo at Echo Store several months ago.

I like the sort of rustic, artsy packaging. The chocolate itself is thoroughly enjoyable. It’s perhaps not as full bodied as other chi-chi offerings out there but it has a hint of that native taste, just sweeter and smoother.

Now, this is the only problem I have with this product. Read it and weep:

We’re improving chocolate, not grammar?? Help!!


1 Response to "Theo & Philo"

I’d like to try this. Looks yummy! Someone get these guys a proofreader/copy writer.

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