Kiki & Lala

The Shore

Posted on: July 12, 2011

Where do you go around here to beat urban heat?  Down to the jersey shore!

No GTL here.  Just trying (with great difficulty) to not get swept away by these gigantic waves.  Check my “wa-poise” moves out.

Spotted a big wave coming my way…

Bracing for the hit…





I’m outta here!




I think I’m better off far away from the shore and just chilling on the sand (and sand mites!)



7 Responses to "The Shore"

your bikini bod is looking great! white… but toned as hell.
what is GTL? (is that like the AC?)

I forgot. You don’t watch TV. GTL – gym, tan laundry – from MTV’s The Jersey Shore. White? And here I am thinking that I had overdone my suntan!

uhm no… that is not a sun tan… it’s a sun reflector hahahahaha :p

Oh shut up!

wow you’re so sexy… i’m so jealous… i’m like 15 pounds over my normal weight. boohoohoo… plus i’m white as milk… boohooohooohooo -kwee

You are not 15 pounds over. If you are, it sure don’t look it. Giving birth to a pretty baby like Stella makes the extra pounds so worth it!

true that. but alas, yes, i am 130 pounds can you bilibit? i can’t. and i can’t go on a diet because my udder has to be full. and i still can’t exercise since she’s still refusing the bottle. but yes all worth it. have you seen my blog for lil stelly? checkitout mydearstella (wordpress)…

so howzitgoin with you??? :9 chat soon.

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