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Happy Birthday Rocio!

Posted on: July 5, 2011

To My Dearest Darling Rocio,

This time eight years ago, we were in the hospital waiting for you to make an appearance. And we waited and waited until Dra. Lopez had to come and get you. And you breathed your first at 8:21pm. I heard you cry seconds before I saw your little pink body – tiny arms and legs flailing about. When they brought you to me, I immediately noticed your beautiful red lips. But I soon needed to be put in the recovery room and you had many fans waiting outside to see you. They kept telling me what a gorgeous baby I had but I didn’t get to see you again for several hours. When I did get to really hold you at about 4am, your big brown eyes took my breath away. You were so alert and seemed to be trying to take in the new faces to match the familiar voices.

It’s hard to believe that a whole 8 years has passed. One day, you will understand for yourself what it means when we say that our kids grow up too fast. Watching you grow has been an amazing experience and blessing. You were a naughty toddler – not as naughty as Mikel – but you sure tested limits too so just keep being patient with your brother. You’re doing a great job. Remember, there’s still Raquel too! And when it comes to your classmates who might annoy you once in awhile, stand up for yourself like you always do but use firm – not mean words.

God has blessed you with many talents. Remember that these need to be nourished – by you. God has given you the seeds, you are responsible for making them grow into healthy, sharing trees. So practice violin without me having to remind you, spend more time on your drawing than on the iPad, keep pushing yourself to read those challenging words!

You have a mind that is curious and always eager to learn. Keep that with you for as long as you live. We never stop learning – I’m sure even Super Lolo who will be 99 in a few weeks still learns things. Your interest in spirituality at such a young age is a wonderful thing to have. There are many ways to talk to God and serve Him. Find what works for you best. There is no one right or wrong way. Having a strong connection to God is important not just for ourselves but because it helps us help others.

Thank you for ordering my breakfast on weekends and holidays, for accompanying me to work, for watching over me when I’m sick, for helping with your brother and sister, for obeying when being told and for doing all the difficult things it takes to be the big sister.

So Happy Birthday, Ate! We are all too blessed to have your fun, effervescent spirit in our lives. We are so proud of the little lady that you have become – patient, kind, helpful, imaginative. Know that while we may not be able to give you everything money can buy, we can give you everything money can’t. The support and love from you family can never be taken away, stolen or ruined (by a naughty boy who likes to see what happens when he pours water on things ;D). We love you more than any blog post could ever express!

Here is a little poster I made in honor of this day. I got the idea from Spearmint Baby. Hope you like it. I’m so sorry I couldn’t go to your birthday lunch at school because of this lousy dengue virus. I’ll make up for it this weekend! Love you, baby!


4 Responses to "Happy Birthday Rocio!"

awww happy birthday rocio! -tita kwee

thanks, tita kwee πŸ™‚

aww, tita! how touching. my lola said happy birthday! -annika πŸ™‚

thanks, annika πŸ™‚ please tell your lola thanks too!

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