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(Pseudo) celebrity (yes, I’m talking about myself) has its perks. Recently, this gorgeous, limited edition diaper bag was delivered to me as a gift from Avent Philippines.

Designed by Amina Aranaz of Aranaz Bags for Avent, it’s made of indigenous woven pandan and bling-ified with gold detailing. So lovely and so roomy!

pretty mother of pearl detail

And here we are on our way out…


I’m always talking about how the Philippines should have better finished chocolate products seeing as how we’re in the bean belt of the world. Why should we export our precious produce and have it sold back to us for so much more as a finished product. We should be able to add that value ourselves. Well, the good news is there are people trying to improve locally made chocolate.

I found Theo & Philo at Echo Store several months ago.

I like the sort of rustic, artsy packaging. The chocolate itself is thoroughly enjoyable. It’s perhaps not as full bodied as other chi-chi offerings out there but it has a hint of that native taste, just sweeter and smoother.

Now, this is the only problem I have with this product. Read it and weep:

We’re improving chocolate, not grammar?? Help!!

So you missed another one of the kids’ birthdays. We forgive you :p

This year Rocio wanted to celebrate her 8th with just a small group of friends at Creative Kids Studio. Creative Kids was started by fellow Alabanger Bambi Manosa in her home. She and her crew have been teaching kids of all ages how to employ all kinds of artistic media from drawing to papier mache to painting to doodling. It’s always fun because the emphasis is on the experience more than the end product.

Very recently, Creative Kids moved out of Bambi’s house and into Alabang Town Center. It’s so new at that location, Rocio’s was the first party to ever be held there.

Since the party came right at the heels of my bout with dengue fever, I left it all up to the folks at Creative Kids to plan the party. I just told them my girl loves Taylor Swift and wants to do lots of art.

Here’s what they came up with…

The Arty Party from the outside.

And the Arty Party from the inside.

bday banner

They had three activities to do in the span of two hours. The first was the mirror mural. They each got to choose a figure to paint anyway they wanted.

Next, they were ushered into this room…

Yes, that says “Jackson Pollock Splatter Room”.

They danced to Taylor Swift tunes while coloring their canvas a bright yellow.

And while they were in the splatter room, the bigger guests got a chance at…

some therapy!!

Oh and were were thinking of you and how to make you gnash your teeth because of more family fun missed…

The next activity was embellishing the “stuff box”. Looks like a lunch box but obviously its uses are limited only by the user.

And when that was done it was back to the splatter room for the real fun.

Then (after a considerable time getting everyone wiped down and clean!) it was cake time!


picking out the confetti piece by piece = not fun

It was a wonderful afternoon. So much better than those parties with a host’s voice blaring over loud speakers and kids aren’t really creating anything. Wish you could’ve been there.

Some parting shots…


Posted on: July 12, 2011

It’s been a while since I’ve done a “bike na naman” post so I thought I’d show you this video. Check out these 2 riders swiped by a media crew car in last weekends stage of the Tour de France.

In cycling, accidents are not a matter of if but a matter of when so it’s extremely important to be well protected. At the speed these riders are going, any collision can be fatal.

The Shore

Posted on: July 12, 2011

Where do you go around here to beat urban heat?  Down to the jersey shore!

No GTL here.  Just trying (with great difficulty) to not get swept away by these gigantic waves.  Check my “wa-poise” moves out.

Spotted a big wave coming my way…

Bracing for the hit…





I’m outta here!




I think I’m better off far away from the shore and just chilling on the sand (and sand mites!)


I always question my decision to put my daughter in a progressive school which really could not be more different than what most other Pinoy kids experience. It’s a scary thing to walk a path so few have taken. It’s something I grapple with almost daily – Will she thrive? Will she be globally competitive? Will she be adequately equipped to succeed in all aspects of her life? Would it be easier to just jump back on the tried and tested traditional bandwagon?

Thankfully, there’s Sir Ken Robinson (who I blogged about before). He’s the world renowned educational and creativity expert who believes educational systems across the world desperately need to be overhauled so kids can adapt to their fast changing, over-stimulated world.

Watching this set me right again. And I thank my lucky stars that we don’t spend nights uselessly memorizing a long list of indigenous tribal names or studying desperately for a test whose results could never accurately define her true aptitude. But that’s just me.

Rock Star!

Posted on: July 6, 2011

A lovely thing happened in Nashville recently. U2 was on tour and before closing, Bono invited this blind guitarist from the audience who was holding up a sign that read “blind guitar player, bring me up!” Check out the video below. So touching!

You can read more about this awesome moment here.   See, anybody can be a rock star. There is hope for us after all.

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