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Posted on: June 21, 2011

A cute name with equally cute products.

Spinkie was a pleasant discovery at a recent Independence Day bazaar. True to the spirit of “babying in style”, the Spinkie line of pillow, blankets, bibs and more are made with designer fabrics so delicious, they’ll make any mommy’s mouth water. The line is by Mutya Laxa-Buensuceso and her husband who are parents and designers.

I got the coordinating butterfly pillow (which can be used in various ways and by older kids and adults) and reversible blanket. Here’s a certain someone modeling her loot.

scientific name: mestiza mariposa


Notice that both the pillow and blanket have the alternate minky (white) side which is the softest polyester surface I’ve ever run my fingers through. It’s actually a bit too warm for our climates but perfect for strong air conditioning which is exactly when our mariposa uses it.

Here are some other cool prints they come in.

You can check out their site also for other things like apparel and nursery decor but these weren’t being sold at the bazaar. Good thing otherwise I’d have ended up spending more!

What I like best about the line is that it’s world class (avaialable on Etsy), designed by Pinoys and all the products are made right here – in the Philippines.

When you having a baby so I can gift you with some Spinkie? :p


4 Responses to "Spinkie"

I’ll take the Spinkie only with the mariposa that comes with it. If I am guaranteed that my baby will look like our mariposa, I’ll have one right now! haha!

take all the time you need to practice ;p

Congratulations, Mutya! I love your line. And when I have another baby, definitely ill have Spinkie!

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