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Mikel-isms 15

Posted on: June 21, 2011

Looks like the unico ijo is only just beginning to show his true naughtiness. This week alone, he dipped his hand in the toilet bowl before his sister had a chance to flush and decided to feel for himself what she left in there (“Whadees?”)

Yesterday, after not quite making it to the toilet in time to pee, he laughed and laughed. I then instructed (substitute) Yaya Perla to wash him down in the shower. A few minutes later I hear him screaming/crying so I go to their room to investigate and Perla is standing sheepishly by the sink and not the shower. Upon inquiring why the heck she was there and not in the shower she said, “Eh ayaw niyang umalis. Sabi ko tapos na pero paglumapit ako…” (He doesn’t want to get out. I told him he was done but when I go near him…) And just then I see the sprays of water from the telephone shower aimed quite accurately at Perla and there emerges Dennis The Menace him in all his glory, trying to keep the Yaya at bay.

Today, during his nap with LittleTwinNana, she actually fell asleep ahead of him. Last she remembers he was in bed, talking to himself laughing a little. She nodded off woke up a few minutes later with him still lying there awake so she didn’t let on that she was watching him. He was picking his nose, examined it and popped it in his mouth!!!

I’ve also realized my son knows his limits when it comes to his speech development. I’ve come to use his passion for cars to increase his vocab. And it works… sort of. This was us on the road recently.

Mikel: (points to a car like mine) Datt Mommy car!
Lala: Yes! Can you say Ford?
Mikel: Ford… (points to car like his dad’s) Datt Pappy car!
Lala: Yes! Can you say Honda?
Mikel: Honda… (points to car like his grandmother’s) Datt Mama Dada car!
Lala: Yes! Can you say Mitsubushi?
Mikel: … NO!

And lastly, this happened just yesterday. He was expressing his love for F1 racing as we went downstairs to the playroom.

Mikel: F1! F1! F1!
Rocio: Yes, we know… you like F1.
Mikel: I habba shurrt!
Rocio: No you don’t.
Mikel: I show you… (goes to his drawer and pulls out his fave basketball jersey)

Lala: Mik, that shirt doesn’t say F1. It says Cebuana.
Mikel: Eet F1!
Lala: It’s says Cebuana.
Mikel: Eet Effuana!



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OMG Ri – THAT IS HILARIOUS!!! What a Denise the Menace!

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