Kiki & Lala

Mikel-isms 14

Posted on: June 10, 2011

Just in case you were wondering if Mikel’s pronunciation has improved…

Mikel always likes to “drive” while sitting on his Dad’s lap – just like we did as kids. But he’s also learned that he can only do so when we’re in the village. (But I guess that’s not ideal either…) Anyway, here’s our conversation.

Mikel: Mommy, can I drayeeb?
Lala: No, not now.
Mikel: Onnee eena beeyj?
Lala: The beach? What?
Mikel: Onnee eena beeyej.
Lala: Oh! Yes! Only in the village. Mik, say vuh vuh village…
Mikel: Vuh vuh beeyej.
Lala: *sigh*

Another time in the car, I thought it would an opportune time to help him expand his vocabulary. So we tried naming parts of the car.

Lala: Mik, do you know what this is? It’s the visor.
Mikel: Baishoor.
Lala: (pointing to rear view mirror) What’s this?
Mikel: Side meelor.
Lala: No, it’s the rear view mirror – can you say that.
Mikel: (silence)
Lala: You can do it. Say, rear…
Mikel: Leer
Lala: View…
Mikel: Vu
Lala: Mirror
Mikel: Meelor
Lala: Good! Rear view mirror!
Mikel: Vu vu meelor!


4 Responses to "Mikel-isms 14"

Hahaha! Sigh is all you can really di I guess…

I meant “do”…I’m starting to sound like Kim

hahaha he’s got his looks going for him at least…

And his x factor charm!

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