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(kawa)Bungalow 300!

Posted on: June 9, 2011

I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE this pop-up store called Bungalow 300. And I’m not just saying that because the two lovely and aesthetically savvy girls behind it are my friends and neighbors.

Vernice Songco and Marga Espiritu

Bungalow 300 appears several times a year – usually in a very spacious residence – and offers beautifully restored antique furniture, utterly desirable home accessories and more.

The concept is fresh and the look is cultivated but accessible. In fact, the girls coined a cool term for it – revivalist chic! Words really don’t do justice to what the store is about. So here are some pictures grabbed without permission from their Facebook page.

The now-famous Bungalow 300 pillows.

The living area. (Everything's for sale).

A pair of sleek post-war bookcases.

Love the juxtaposition of these vintage chairs and the Ikea table.

This platera reminds me of the old dresser in the extra room in Forbes.

A shaggadelic globe chair.

Fine bone china stackable creamer set with cork tray.

A funkafied chest of drawers.

Adorable table toppers.

Todo el mundo!

Wasn’t that just a feast for the eyes? The girls described scouring for antiques as an adventure – fun! And while they are all about a 21st century look, they respect the era of their finds by not changing the structure and bringing out the grain of the wood. Works for me!

I’m giving these girls a call when I need decorating assistance! Do you likey?


3 Responses to "(kawa)Bungalow 300!"

I likey!! Have you found inspiration in any of these themes?

yes! starting with the dining table from tupas that your mom unearthed after all these years of being “lost”! 🙂

I have just arrived from New York City, Brooklyn exactly, and am now living in Ayala Alabang with my family. I have just across your note on Bungalow 300 and would like to know more about Vernice Songco and Marga Espiritu. My taste for home design is very close to theirs and what they are doing here in Manila is what I used to do in Brooklyn: mix new and vintage furniture and objects, look for unique pieces in flea markets, restore mid-century design pieces…I would love to meet these two women as we have so much in common.
I am looking forward to hearing from you!
My best,
Sabine Carden

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