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As I was on my way down to the East Village crossing Fifth Avenue, I got caught in all this hoopla.  As expected, the energy was vibrant and


and wild! I blurred this photo just in case your little brats stumble upon this post.

I’m sure wedding planners in the state will be busy planning one wedding after another. That said, I’m sure divorce lawyers will be busy shortly after.  How cynical of me!


We did this 2 years ago.  Remember?  I thought I’d share it here for shits and giggles.

Pam and I changed the rules on this a bit. Since we’re both wildly interesting girls, we found it excessively difficult to put down just 25 things about ourselves so we left it up to each other what to put out there. Here are 25 random things about Pam – in no particular order… 

1. Pam is studying Kabbalah! WOOT WOOT!! Love it!! 

2. Pam has fingers and toes that remind me of sausages. 

3. I always thought I was more vain than Pam but the woman ALWAYS has time to blowdry her hair. 

4. Pam would stick to her bedtime in college – whether or not she was done studying. 

5. She hates sodas. 

6. When we were in Italy, the guys loooved her. 

7. Pam can write scary emails… beware. 

8. Pam thinks she sings better than me but she doesn’t. Really… 

9. She sleep walks and talks. One time she was asleep and suddenly bolted upright with glassy eyes staring at me and she yelled out something completely incomprehensible. I was scared as crap!! 

10. Despite having very different body types, Pam and I managed to share clothes and shoes and looked fabulous. 

11. Pam is hard headed because she’s a rising Taurus. 

12. Her nickname is college was Legs. 

13. Rocio would ONLY ride rides with Ninang Pam when we were in Orlando

14. She has a mole on her lip. As do some other Tanjuatco girls. 

15. She has sweaty palms. Her excuse for not holding hands with her BFs but she’s really not the type anyway. 

16. Pam is a manifestor. She can make things happen. 

17. Pam was her mom’s heaviest baby at over 8lbs. 

18. Toe polish is relatively new to Pam but I’m happy it’s in her life. 

19. There is a song for every event in her life. 

20. She was way too white the last time I saw her. 

21. Pam is hairy. And she tries to tell Rocio it’s sexy. Yeah – in eastern Europe… 

22. Pam is clumsy – something she never outgrew. Ask her about the most recent incident. 

23. She loves peanut butter – but who doesn’t? 

24. As a kid, she really thought she’d wake up as a black crow for lying to her mom. 

25. Pam is the best cousin/friend/sister ever.

And now, my turn…
1. Ria can recite the first few verses of Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales…in Old English. 

2. You can get a glimpse of her elusive Kiwi accent only when she is heavily intoxicated. 

3. She is the only one I know who can dance “like no one is watching”…

4. …and sing like we’re all DEAF. 

5. She is an amazing Mommy. Compassionate, deliberate and of course, fun. I’d pay her to raise the kids I do not yet have. 

6. She writes the neatest, most detailed class notes. Her classmates in college would photocopy her notes to use as a study guide for exams.

7. I’m not sure those Ateneo boys knew what hit them when Ria arrived on campus. Her Avant-garde-ness just blew them away. 

8. She has the flattest feet I’ve ever seen. They remind me of a Platypus. 

9. She has no sporty bone in her body. I once accompanied her to the gym and found that her idea of working out was having her trainer stretch her while she happily lay there like a vegetable. 

10. Ironically, she knows her basketball (for obvious reasons)…she also knows her Constellations. Ask Luigi. 

11. Sitting beside Ria in a basketball game is like taking a crash course on Expletives 101 in English, Spanish, Tagalog and Cebuano. 

12. She finds order in chaos. Her bedroom style subscribes to cluttered-chic. And still she knows where everything is. Ok, her yaya does. 

13. Ria snores like a 200 pound man.

14. When she is pregnant, she glows. After giving birth, she can walk out cradling her baby, wearing the same size 0 jeans she came in with. 

15. She must have a direct line to the god that grants wishes because there is nothing she’s wished for that she did not eventually get. 

16. Like her dad, she always wins at raffles. 

17. Ria’s lifelong dream was to become a Kennedy. Eventually she adjusted her expectations and settled on being a Kennedy cousin. 

18. She claims she finds solace in washing dishes. However, I cannot imagine when she would find the opportunity to do that in Manila. 

19. Ria works hard. She may come across as spoiled but she is actually industrious and diligent. So I think it’s safe to say that she deserves everything she’s been given by the god that grants wishes. 

20. It should then be no surprise that she was always the teachers’ pet. 

21. She claims she’s broke but she always has new bling to add to her already obscene collection. Rocio, when it becomes difficult to be nice to your Mommy, just keep your eye on all that bling you will inherit one day. 

22. She is an awesome person to travel with because she will gladly plan out the itinerary, take photos for you and take one for the team, by agreeing to be the stupid tourist asking for directions. 

23. Her maternal and nurturing personality was always apparent even when we were kids. She once concocted some scary looking tea for me and my phlegm-filled smoker’s cough. It tasted like crap too but it worked. 

24. She is and always will be Luigi’s porcupine : D

25. “Cousin” does not capture the kind of relationship I have with Ria. She is my pillar.

Awwww…cheers to you and me and being bida! Haha!

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Last night the Empire State Building was proudly lit like this

This weekend happens to be the Gay Pride Parade but more importantly, a historic moment happened last night: New York state finally legalized gay marriage. Just another step closer towards a purely equal society.

I know it’s a bit late to celebrate Independence Day but I wanted to post this video’s different take on the national anthem. I saw it at the event Rocio and I hosted last week. (You can see some pictures of that here).

Anyway, I should warn you that if you’re PMS-ing and feeling patriotic this might make you well up. I think compared to the cookie-cutter videos which show historical monuments and past presidents, this one sends out a stronger message about where the Philippines is today and where we need to go. Mabuhay ang Pilipinas!

A tad melodramatic perhaps but I like it.

Looks like the unico ijo is only just beginning to show his true naughtiness. This week alone, he dipped his hand in the toilet bowl before his sister had a chance to flush and decided to feel for himself what she left in there (“Whadees?”)

Yesterday, after not quite making it to the toilet in time to pee, he laughed and laughed. I then instructed (substitute) Yaya Perla to wash him down in the shower. A few minutes later I hear him screaming/crying so I go to their room to investigate and Perla is standing sheepishly by the sink and not the shower. Upon inquiring why the heck she was there and not in the shower she said, “Eh ayaw niyang umalis. Sabi ko tapos na pero paglumapit ako…” (He doesn’t want to get out. I told him he was done but when I go near him…) And just then I see the sprays of water from the telephone shower aimed quite accurately at Perla and there emerges Dennis The Menace him in all his glory, trying to keep the Yaya at bay.

Today, during his nap with LittleTwinNana, she actually fell asleep ahead of him. Last she remembers he was in bed, talking to himself laughing a little. She nodded off woke up a few minutes later with him still lying there awake so she didn’t let on that she was watching him. He was picking his nose, examined it and popped it in his mouth!!!

I’ve also realized my son knows his limits when it comes to his speech development. I’ve come to use his passion for cars to increase his vocab. And it works… sort of. This was us on the road recently.

Mikel: (points to a car like mine) Datt Mommy car!
Lala: Yes! Can you say Ford?
Mikel: Ford… (points to car like his dad’s) Datt Pappy car!
Lala: Yes! Can you say Honda?
Mikel: Honda… (points to car like his grandmother’s) Datt Mama Dada car!
Lala: Yes! Can you say Mitsubushi?
Mikel: … NO!

And lastly, this happened just yesterday. He was expressing his love for F1 racing as we went downstairs to the playroom.

Mikel: F1! F1! F1!
Rocio: Yes, we know… you like F1.
Mikel: I habba shurrt!
Rocio: No you don’t.
Mikel: I show you… (goes to his drawer and pulls out his fave basketball jersey)

Lala: Mik, that shirt doesn’t say F1. It says Cebuana.
Mikel: Eet F1!
Lala: It’s says Cebuana.
Mikel: Eet Effuana!



Posted on: June 21, 2011

A cute name with equally cute products.

Spinkie was a pleasant discovery at a recent Independence Day bazaar. True to the spirit of “babying in style”, the Spinkie line of pillow, blankets, bibs and more are made with designer fabrics so delicious, they’ll make any mommy’s mouth water. The line is by Mutya Laxa-Buensuceso and her husband who are parents and designers.

I got the coordinating butterfly pillow (which can be used in various ways and by older kids and adults) and reversible blanket. Here’s a certain someone modeling her loot.

scientific name: mestiza mariposa


Notice that both the pillow and blanket have the alternate minky (white) side which is the softest polyester surface I’ve ever run my fingers through. It’s actually a bit too warm for our climates but perfect for strong air conditioning which is exactly when our mariposa uses it.

Here are some other cool prints they come in.

You can check out their site also for other things like apparel and nursery decor but these weren’t being sold at the bazaar. Good thing otherwise I’d have ended up spending more!

What I like best about the line is that it’s world class (avaialable on Etsy), designed by Pinoys and all the products are made right here – in the Philippines.

When you having a baby so I can gift you with some Spinkie? :p

We Remember

Posted on: June 17, 2011

As I was looking for old pics of us last night I came across a batch of pictures that brought my heart close to a screeching halt 😦  Gasp! Do you remember when we planned to surprise my folks with my homecoming?

We pulled off a well hatched plan in the middle of the night.  Dino managed to get mom to come down.


Then we took the surprise upstairs to wake dad up.   Instead, I got surprised by how thin he had become.  I was reduced to tears!

Then it was off to the other victims, Xilla and Buckwheat! Where was Pat?

Then down to meet Nad for the very first time.

After all that excitement, we settled down to play with the baby.  And we found Pat!

I didn’t realize how hard it would be to do this post!  Had I known that 2006 would be the last time I would see my Dad, I most definitely would have stayed.  But hey, regret is a good thing right?  At the very least, it helps us to REMEMBER.

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