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Rocio-isms 20

Posted on: May 23, 2011

I’m learning that kids know much more than we think they do. I can describe it – well, at least this incident – only as a sad mommy moment. I know, I know, it’s ironic coming from someone who couldn’t wait to grow up and did so quite quickly if not physically.

Anyway, your mom bought Rocio this pen that lights up when you use it. The bottom half of the pen which is see-through says “#1 Kid”. So when you turn the pen around, you see the words backwards. The other day, she comes in the room to wake me up and this is the first conversation of my day.

Rocio: Mom, what is d-i-k?
Lala: (opens one eye, sees the pen) It’s just kid spelled backwards.
Rocio: But what does it say?
Lala: Well, kid spelled backwards is probably… dik.
Rocio: Oh… (softly) You mean like a man’s private parts? So it’s like a bad word, right?
Lala: (thought bubble): Punyeta! How the hell could she know that?!
(speaks feigning non-chanlance): Yes… dik is a bad word so please don’t say it. How did you find out what it means?
Rocio: Umm… I don’t remember…
Lala: It’s OK – I’m not mad. I’m just curious about where you heard it – from a movie maybe?
Rocio: No… it was a long time ago Mom… Yeah, I think someone said it when I was in kingergarten.



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Our baby is now a (very well informed) lady 😦

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