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Posted on: May 16, 2011

Hey! It’s almost my birthday so I thought I’d be a really good cousin and save you the trouble of thinking what to get me.

Popsicles in just minutes!! Imagine the fun our resident ice lovers Mikel and Natalia would have with this!!
Plus, it was invented by some engineers from your side of town.

And if you run out of recipe ideas, there’s always this to help you out:

You can make really fun, healthy flavors like caramel apple, chocolate covered valentine’s and chic (alcoholic!) flavors like mimosa and pink mojito for when mommy needs a break.


2 Responses to "Dreamsicles"

Sige! I’ll get one of these, test it over the summer and send to you? hahaha! We need to find a new courier. Andoni is MIA.

err… was hoping to get one before summer ends HERE… ;p

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