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Can You Tell Me How To Get…

Posted on: May 14, 2011

…how to get to Ding Tanjuatco St.

As you know, on your Dad’s 66th birth anniversary, his home town of Tanay, Rizal officially honored one of their favorite sons by changing the name of Padre Burgos St. to Congressman Ding Tanjuatco St.

The ceremony began with the attendees walking a few steps to the ceremonial unveiling with Mayor Lito and the family.

Super Lolo was very proud. He'd been waiting excitedly for May 11th ever since he found out the town was renaming the street after his first born.

There were the usual speeches I won’t bore you with, though after all of that, our LittleTwinBoardmember gave the response from the family. He talked about the very early days – your dad forming the opposition after Tito Ninoy’s assassination in 1983, how he accompanied your dad to the Tabing Dagat restaurant (on what is now Ding Tanjuatco St.) It was just your dad and three other guys planning how to give the province a voice against the dictator – a small but significant start as the anti-Marcos movement spread rapidly through Rizal. He was a selfless dreamer indeed.

There’s such a lesson to learn from that. Dino said he thought it would be impossible for your dad and his cohorts to get others to join them but your dad was completely unfazed and totally focused on what he had to do in his little corner of the world. I guess there’s a time for thinking and a time for just doing.

The view looking west down Ding Tanjuatco St.

What made the event extremely memorable was not that it was an especially beautiful day or that it was his birthday or that there was a good turn out. It was the fact that just as Dino finished his speech, a small butterfly flitted over our heads – and it was bright yellow.


2 Responses to "Can You Tell Me How To Get…"

Awww wish I were there. No pics of the yellow butterfly? Is it me or does Ding Tanjuatco Street look wider? Thanks for documenting this, Riri. Means a lot…

no picture of the butterfly! we were all kinda stunned just watching it and as soon as it came, it left.

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