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Fuerza Bruta

Posted on: May 30, 2011

I finally went to see Fuerza Bruta. It was trippy yet amazing.  A visual feast that keeps you on your toes (literally as there are no seats for this performance).  Every scene outdoes the previous in the scale of outrageousness.  Your senses are literally hit with brute force (hence the title?).  I guess it can best be described as Cirque du Soleil on LSD – dreamy, trippy, surreal.

As expected, I forgot my camera so I’m embedding a trailer from You Tube and  grabbing some web pics just to give you an idea.  The music by the way was awesome!

This was a recurring theme throughout the performance.  I suppose it signified breaking out of elements that make you feel trapped – society, systems, tradition.  Who knows?

Photo credit:

For me the the highlight was watching a bunch of girls dressed in flimsy, see through dresses slither through gushing water on what appears to be very maleable plexiglass on top of the audience.  I know, I know, it sounds X rated but I thought it was quite entertaining.  We spent a large part of the performance looking up.   This might give you a better idea.

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Here’s another pic so you can better visualize.

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The dancing was super cool too.

After all those dream sequences, we end in some kind of carnival atmosphere where everyone is dancing and drenched in water – the audience gets sprayed.

I was really expecting it to be too non-traditional for my taste but I ended up enjoying it tremendously.  I think you’ll like it too.


Yesterday afternoon as the kids were enjoying their daily outdoor play, Mikel hopped off his bike and ran towards me when he saw me talking to the baby who was sitting attentively in her stroller. As soon as he got there – I swear, this happened so fast there was no way for me to stop it – he stuck his chubby finger up Raquel’s teeny tiny nostril! The poor baby was too startled to cry. She didn’t know what hit her.

So after screaming and pulling his finger out of there, I told his yaya (nanny) what had just happened.

Yaya (with a shake of the head): Nung araw nga ma’am, nakita na lang namin si Mikel, sinusubuan si Raquel.
Lala: Sinusubuan? Ano – pagkain niya?
Yaya: Hindi po – yung booger niya!


Yaya: The other day we just saw Mikel feeding Raquel.
Lala: Feeding? What? His food?
Yaya: No, ma’am. His booger!

I’m learning that kids know much more than we think they do. I can describe it – well, at least this incident – only as a sad mommy moment. I know, I know, it’s ironic coming from someone who couldn’t wait to grow up and did so quite quickly if not physically.

Anyway, your mom bought Rocio this pen that lights up when you use it. The bottom half of the pen which is see-through says “#1 Kid”. So when you turn the pen around, you see the words backwards. The other day, she comes in the room to wake me up and this is the first conversation of my day.

Rocio: Mom, what is d-i-k?
Lala: (opens one eye, sees the pen) It’s just kid spelled backwards.
Rocio: But what does it say?
Lala: Well, kid spelled backwards is probably… dik.
Rocio: Oh… (softly) You mean like a man’s private parts? So it’s like a bad word, right?
Lala: (thought bubble): Punyeta! How the hell could she know that?!
(speaks feigning non-chanlance): Yes… dik is a bad word so please don’t say it. How did you find out what it means?
Rocio: Umm… I don’t remember…
Lala: It’s OK – I’m not mad. I’m just curious about where you heard it – from a movie maybe?
Rocio: No… it was a long time ago Mom… Yeah, I think someone said it when I was in kingergarten.



Posted on: May 16, 2011

Hey! It’s almost my birthday so I thought I’d be a really good cousin and save you the trouble of thinking what to get me.

Popsicles in just minutes!! Imagine the fun our resident ice lovers Mikel and Natalia would have with this!!
Plus, it was invented by some engineers from your side of town.

And if you run out of recipe ideas, there’s always this to help you out:

You can make really fun, healthy flavors like caramel apple, chocolate covered valentine’s and chic (alcoholic!) flavors like mimosa and pink mojito for when mommy needs a break.

The PBA D-League supposedly applies PBA rules. However, as a spectator (and NOT the wife of a coach), I don’t see it that way. There is a level of physicality being allowed in the D-League that you just never see in the pros.

Consequently, the D-League is presented with physical and emotional outbursts which could well be avoided, if the referees simply did a better job at making the calls.

So here is the action you missed on Thursday.

Just another day at the office… *sigh*

…how to get to Ding Tanjuatco St.

As you know, on your Dad’s 66th birth anniversary, his home town of Tanay, Rizal officially honored one of their favorite sons by changing the name of Padre Burgos St. to Congressman Ding Tanjuatco St.

The ceremony began with the attendees walking a few steps to the ceremonial unveiling with Mayor Lito and the family.

Super Lolo was very proud. He'd been waiting excitedly for May 11th ever since he found out the town was renaming the street after his first born.

There were the usual speeches I won’t bore you with, though after all of that, our LittleTwinBoardmember gave the response from the family. He talked about the very early days – your dad forming the opposition after Tito Ninoy’s assassination in 1983, how he accompanied your dad to the Tabing Dagat restaurant (on what is now Ding Tanjuatco St.) It was just your dad and three other guys planning how to give the province a voice against the dictator – a small but significant start as the anti-Marcos movement spread rapidly through Rizal. He was a selfless dreamer indeed.

There’s such a lesson to learn from that. Dino said he thought it would be impossible for your dad and his cohorts to get others to join them but your dad was completely unfazed and totally focused on what he had to do in his little corner of the world. I guess there’s a time for thinking and a time for just doing.

The view looking west down Ding Tanjuatco St.

What made the event extremely memorable was not that it was an especially beautiful day or that it was his birthday or that there was a good turn out. It was the fact that just as Dino finished his speech, a small butterfly flitted over our heads – and it was bright yellow.

Dear Sophie,

Posted on: May 12, 2011

Here’s another Google Chrome ad that I thought was worth sharing. This one made me cry (what’s new). Check it out!

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