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As Royal Wedding madness reaches fever pitch, I’m reminded of an interview I once watched of India Hicks talking about her memories of being one of Princess Diana‘s bridesmaids.

India Hicks is at Princess Diana's immediate right.

She remembers the bride and members of the wedding party getting dressed in Clarence House on the morning of the wedding. The TV was playing in the background and Diana was getting a kick out of seeing herself on the small screen. Then an ice cream commercial came on and Diana began singing the “jingle” and all the girls joined in.

I just thought that was a really cute little anecdote. One always wonders what goes on behind the scenes.


On the heels of the release of  Hubert Webb comes a documentary about another highly controversial case.  Give Up Tomorrow is a documentary that chronicles the case of the Chiong sisters.  Remember that case?  The film will attempt to tell the story as it is and will surely strike sensitive nerves as it will tackle complex issues that continue to plague our country – corruption, injustice, human rights violations.    It’s an entry for the World Documentary Competition of this year’s Tribeca Film Festival.   So this is another proud moment for the country.  Go Pinoy!

Is he guilty?  This film doesn’t seem to think so and the producers have put everything on the line to let their truth be known.  I must say, after seeing the trailer I am very intrigued and will definitely go see this.  I was also moved by the film’s title: Give up Tomorrow – Just give up tomorrow instead of today.   So poignant.

I recently had as a guest on my show the author of this book:

Joy Abaquin is the administrator at the Multiple Intelligence International School here as well as a multi-awarded educator. Her book “8 Simple Secrets To Raising Entrepreneurs” is a tie up with Joey Concepcion‘s Go Negosyo initiative.

The book has a fun, non intimidating lay-out, so much so Joy says her high school students have read the book too.
I’m half way through 8 Simple Secrets. It’s an easy read and contains a lot of information that most parents already know. But it gives good suggestions on how to encourage your child’s “intelligences” – and before that, how to recognize them. There are also mini-sections on entrepreneur role models who made it.

But the book isn’t only about teaching kids how to start their own business. It talks about teaching kids to be money smart, how to persevere in the face of challenges, how to solve problems. The point is, whether or not your kids will become business owners, they need to have the ever adaptable entrepreneur’s mind set to navigate their way through their fast-changing world. This is a book the generation of our children is lucky to have.

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