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Moby – Raqi – Mommy

Posted on: March 29, 2011

Do you recall way back when I wrote a post about the Moby Carrier?
I said I’d love to have one for my next (if ever!) baby.

Well, be careful what you blog for. Who knew that 10 months after posting that, I’d be expecting another superbaby!

I’m glad to report, we have been making use of our Moby (which I have in green because only green and black were available at Target when I went).

Ain’t we cute?

Enough posing – here is my brief review of the Moby:

– very comfy to wear
– comes with very clear, photographed instructions
– very versatile, can be used from birth to almost 40lbs.
– one size fits all

– I sometimes need help with putting the baby in there or if I’m on my own, I need to be in front of a full length mirror
– the fabric is veeerrrryyy long so it’s almost impossible not to have it touch the floor as you’re wrapping it around yourself
– in the tropics, having all the fabric + a baby on you can become quite hot

– put baby in the Moby when she’s happy and well fed
– if at first you don’t succeed, try and try again
– when wearing baby, do not bend forward. bend at the knees with back straight.

All in all, the Moby means having a happy baby, hands-free mommy – the best of both worlds. (And I’m probably strengthening my wobbly core muscles while having her as my little marsupial in there). Everyone should be baby wearing. If you don’t have a baby, make or borrow one!


7 Responses to "Moby – Raqi – Mommy"

Hi Ria! I’m also a babywearer. Moby was my very first carrier but unlike you, I i hated it!! I found it quite complicated and hot. Since then, I’ve been using several local carriers – next9 ringsling, Saya and blissfulbabes pouch. I also have a soft structured carrier – Patapum toddler carrier. Babywearing rocks! šŸ˜€

the saya looks cool though i haven’t tried it yet šŸ™‚
thanks for passing by kiki and lala land!

I swear, looking at you and your GI baby makes me wanna have the “it” accessory: a baby! She looks so cozy in it too!

she’s just the yummiest… looove her!

Looking good! I have to agree that it’s a wrap around and around, and around and yet very versatile. I had a friend who made her own Moby. I settled with the peanut shell, came with lots of designs for the fashion conscious and fabrics for the right season.

waaaah! she’s so faaat! must. squeeze. her. legs. soon.

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