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His Story

Posted on: March 28, 2011

I know this post is a month overdue but better than never…

During the 25th Anniversary of the People Power revolution which I blogged about before we were invited to Tito Peping’s party cum book launch.

He wrote a book? Yes. Apparently, he, Tita Tingting and Marisse had been working quietly on and off over the past few years to bring this book to fruition.

The book details the long road from dictatorship to democracy. There are chapters written by people other than the three. Some of the writings are by Ninoy and Cory. Other parts are told by Ballsy, Nick Joaquin and Lupita Aquino so it’s a personal telling of historical events. Skeptics might say this could taint the accuracy of the content but years from now when there is no one left to tell the stories first hand, this book will be truly priceless.

For me, since I was just a twinkle in my parents’ eyes at the time of many of these events, His Story gives me a more coherent picture the Martial Law years. I would hear of the rallies , riots and arrests but did not have a good grasp as to the chronology and details.

I started on the first few chapters then stopped to finish other books on my night stand but I am due to start His Story again soon.

As for the night itself, you missed some succulent lechon baka…

cousin bonding…

bulilit bonding…

and autograph signing…

Here’s what Tito Peping and Marisse wrote. (Note Rocio asked for her own dedication!!)

You should ask LittleTwinBro what was written in his copy 🙂


5 Responses to "His Story"

I want a copy! Could you get me a copy and send through Celine? Puh-leeze?

What was written on Dino’s book?

i’ll ask dino to get another copy. ask dino bout the dedication. it was nice – something about your dad 🙂

is kris your cousin?@@

yes – she’s our 2nd cousin.

wow, really?:) same degree wid Bam? it never occurred to me during “Breakfast” days on studio 23:)

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