Kiki & Lala


Posted on: March 11, 2011

Do you remember OMD? Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark? If you don’t, you will after this post.  For sure!

Well I was lucky enough to be invited to their concert a few nights ago, and I had a blast!  It was everything I hoped for: old songs, ridiculous new wave dance moves, and hilarious, dry British humor.   Terminal 5 was packed with 30 and 40 somethings all pumped up to relive their already distant youth.   Check it out below.

Their front act was Oh Land.  Awesome punk rock chick!  I really think you will like her so I suggest you find her in iTunes.

Did you notice that cool thing they did with the balloons?

White balloons used as a video screen

And then came OMD.

Here is something to whet your dormant new wave palette.

And if you want more, here’s an excerpt of Enola Gay. Check out his new wave dance moves.  Are you nostalgic yet?

For a bunch of old guys, I did not expect them to have so much energy.  We were pumped to the very end thanks to their contagious and hyper vibe.  I was also surprised to hear their voices still solid and unchanged after 30 years!

I must thank my cycling buddy, Ron from team We Ride for OJ, for the ticket and for painstakingly sharing his pictures and videos to Kiki and Lala Land.  Ron, with your near perfect new wave moves, you are almost a rock star!  Thanks a million!


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