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From House to Home

Posted on: February 26, 2011

About a year ago I wrote about pouring myself in a particular extracurricular effort. No I’m not talking about biking…OR my dating (mis)adventures.  I’m talking about my efforts in launching MADDEL shelters.  I’m happy to report that my “Aussie Posse” and I have made significant progress and continue to gain some traction in this area.  We are working hard to get several projects off the ground in the Philippines, Indonesia, Panama and Haiti.  Basically, we are trying to build a community of this.

With one flat pack, a homeless family is given the possibility to rebuild their lives out of poverty and into prosperity.   Before they begin to think about livelihood, sanitation and education for the children, they need to first dig their roots deep into a home and into being part of a community.  MADDEL gives them that first boost.  We give them a transitional house and empower them to transform it into a home.

I’ve inserted this video to show you how easy these houses are to erect.  Please ignore the Marlboro Man music in the background.

When they are rooted well into a community, then they can work on their livelihood and on sending their children to school and on living dignified, sanitary, disease-free lives.  All this starts with a (flat pack) home.


4 Responses to "From House to Home"

“it takes a village”… nice!

hey pam 🙂 are these houses permanent or temporary? i just have this feeling that people here will make them permanent (in the same way they reuse disposable tupperware, utensils, etc.)

We call them transformable shelters. They can be used temporarily as transitional houses but they can be transformed into permanent homes. They can be clad with whatever cladding the owner has access to at that time. Or mounted on timber platforms to improve its resilience to weather elements. So these houses are exactly designed to take that into consideration 🙂

super cool 🙂 hope our office, warehouse and school can be made by you guys!!!

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