Kiki & Lala

Good Times

Posted on: February 21, 2011

Hey Kiki…

As you make your way across the Pacific Ocean on your way “home” (whatever that means to you!), I’m here at home-home finding it hard to believe that just about 48 hours ago were were lining up

to see

And how fun was that??

This visit went extra fast. But I’m glad we got to do just about all the fun things we planned – especially give our lil rock princess her first concert experience.

See you on Skype!


6 Responses to "Good Times"

Rocio rocks!!

This was such a fun night! I’m getting homesick just thinking about it 😦 Our rock princess rocked hard! Where are the rest of the pics?

yes – i was getting sad just writing that post!

You’re right, I’m probably as white as Lucy Torres. And I thought I was sporting a golf tan!

and you thought your red-hot lipstick made that guy smile at you…

hahaha year really… LT hates that lipstick… but i like looking a bit like betty boop ;p

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