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About a year ago I wrote about pouring myself in a particular extracurricular effort. No I’m not talking about biking…OR my dating (mis)adventures.  I’m talking about my efforts in launching MADDEL shelters.  I’m happy to report that my “Aussie Posse” and I have made significant progress and continue to gain some traction in this area.  We are working hard to get several projects off the ground in the Philippines, Indonesia, Panama and Haiti.  Basically, we are trying to build a community of this.

With one flat pack, a homeless family is given the possibility to rebuild their lives out of poverty and into prosperity.   Before they begin to think about livelihood, sanitation and education for the children, they need to first dig their roots deep into a home and into being part of a community.  MADDEL gives them that first boost.  We give them a transitional house and empower them to transform it into a home.

I’ve inserted this video to show you how easy these houses are to erect.  Please ignore the Marlboro Man music in the background.

When they are rooted well into a community, then they can work on their livelihood and on sending their children to school and on living dignified, sanitary, disease-free lives.  All this starts with a (flat pack) home.


Happy EDSA Anniversary, Kiki!!

Where were we 25 years ago? Well, we weren’t allowed to join the fun pictured above. So while our folks took to the streets, we remained in “hiding” in opposite ends of the city! When it was all over and we were reunited in your house, it was like we hadn’t seen each other in years. Things were different now – in a very good way.

And though we were young (you were 10 and I was 8), the gravity of what had just happened was not lost on us. We have our politically involved parents to thank for that. Thank you!

I know much has been said about how far we haven’t come in the last 25 years, but today I’d like to focus on how much we achieved – even in just those four days. The power of prayer (not religious coercion) and the power of unity (not contrived political causes) are what brought an evil dictator to his knees.

I don’t mean to simplify the process of the cataclysmic events that gave birth to People Power but if you were to take just those two simple tools – prayer and unity – and use them the way we did in 1986, there would be no stopping the Philippines on the road to greater prosperity and spirituality.

Twitter is abuzz today with different views on what the legacy of the 1986 People Power Revolution really is. Here is my take:

We ARE the original people power. (Yun nga ang HANDONG NG PILIPINO SA MUNDO, diba?) Our peaceful revolution served as an inspiration to countries on the other side of the world like




and of course, Germany

The peaceful restoration of democracy in ’86 and the seamless transition of power in ’92 are EDSA’s greatest legacy. That, and knowing that no matter how flawed we are as a people we are capable of changing our country and our world for the better.

The only problem is, as Pinoys, having tremendous hope seems to be enough for us. So here we are 25 years later… while we have our political freedoms, corruption and poverty persist.

So if anything is to be gleaned from today’s fancy commemorations, let it be that as a nation and as individuals we need to do our part, take responsibility for all the ills around us and for goodness sake, stop waiting for someone (who??) to save us and fix us! We didn’t wait for anyone in 1986. Millions took to the streets saying, Me! I want to support the rebel soldiers! Me? I‘ve had enough. I‘m going to do something about it.

As a parting shot, here’s a version of our favorite song, recorded just last year in your neck of the woods. Happy Anniversary to all of us!

Hey Kiki…

As you make your way across the Pacific Ocean on your way “home” (whatever that means to you!), I’m here at home-home finding it hard to believe that just about 48 hours ago were were lining up

to see

And how fun was that??

This visit went extra fast. But I’m glad we got to do just about all the fun things we planned – especially give our lil rock princess her first concert experience.

See you on Skype!

This was my first conversation today. I was still in bed and a little boy bounds into my room.

Mikel: Morning, mommy!
Lala: Morning!
Mikel: What your dooeng?
Lala: I’m waking up. What are you doing?
Mikel: I’m… I’m… here.

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