Kiki & Lala


Posted on: January 25, 2011

Stuck in traffic, in the midst of dangerously frigid weather while visiting clients, Little Twin Officemate and I strolled down 1980’s sitcom lane and had a blast singing the TV themes that shaped our (and your) childhood.  Do you remember…

Larry and Balky?

Punky Brewster?

Tony and Sam?

That joint you go where everybody knows your name ?

The Greatest American Hero?

And who can forget Alex, Mallory and the other kid?



4 Responses to "Shalalala…"

i love the perfect strangers song.
it’s been AGES since i heard it 🙂

I know, it just brings you back to the good ol days doesn’t it?

other keaton kid was jennifer, right?

Jennifer! Couldn’t figure it out…

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