Kiki & Lala

Mikel-isms 9

Posted on: January 20, 2011

He got a huge animal picture book over the holidays. So one of his favorite things to do is to go through the book and be asked what’s this and what’s that and he’ll name them all.

We came across this:

Lala: And what’s this?
Mikel: Down know.
Lala: Yes, you do… It’s a zee…
Mikel: Zeeraff?

Good thing he’s a handsome boy…


1 Response to "Mikel-isms 9"

hehe thats cute! have a similar story about our helper’s four year old son (he’s practically our adopted brother!). we were reading a story book with photos of animals and we came across a pic of a giraffe. I was pointing to each animal and then saying what kind of animal it was. when we came across a giraffe, i said “gi..” — then he said “gi-bra…gebra!” LOL

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