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Taxi Of Tomorrow

Posted on: January 14, 2011

Our taxis here are as ubiquitous and hazardous as the jeepneys there.   If you have this

We have this.

In 2007, the city launched a contest amongst car manufacturers and designers to design New York City’s Taxi of Tomorrow.  This year, the winners of this competition will be announced.   They released the top 3 contenders.  Here is what Karsan came up with.   A compact car

With a lot of legroom for luggage and well, long legs…

Nest contender is Nissan.  Nothing impressive jumps out here.

The other contender is Ford and this is their TransitConnect.

Personally, I prefer the Karsan and the Ford.  However I’m not sure if any of these taxis are equipped with special passenger friendly features so it’s difficult to judge with just the appearance.

There were many proposals submitted and you can check them out here.  Some are really funny but you gotta give them props for thinking way out of the box.   Sakay na!


1 Response to "Taxi Of Tomorrow"

i like the nissan.
looks like it has a lot of space for a compact.

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